The mission of the Department of Business and Accounting is to offer educational opportunities that build practical, applied, and integrated learning experiences through the undergraduate programs in business and accounting. These programs offer foundation coursework in business and when integrated with the University's general education program develop personal character, high ethical standards, a world view that investigates faith and values, and a portfolio of applied tools required to function effectively in today's global environment.

The Department of Business and Accounting offers the following majors and minors:
Accounting (Major, Minor) 
Business (Major, Minor)
Human Resource Management (Major, Minor)
Marketing (Major, Minor)

Accounting (Major, Minor)

Accounting is the language of business and is the study of measuring, recording, analyzing, and communicating business and financial information. In addition to the tremendous employment opportunities, the accounting profession also offers many professional certifications, including the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

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Business (Major, Minor)

Business is the study of for-profit and nonprofit enterprises, including entrepreneurship. At the University of Dubuque, your studies will build a path to explore the business disciplines of accounting, finance, marketing, management, human resources, and economics to provide you with a distinct understanding of various industries.

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Human Resource Management (Major, Minor)

Human Resource Management is a management function concerned with hiring, developing, motivating, and maintaining an organization's workforce. At the University of Dubuque, your studies will take you into exploring the human resource management field by developing knowledge and skills in recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation and performance management, motivation, communication, and administration.

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Marketing (Major, Minor)

Marketing is the study of attracting customers, which incorporates knowledge gained by studying exchange relationships; it is the business process of identifying, anticipating, and satisfying customers' needs and wants. At the University of Dubuque, your studies will take you into the world of consumer behavior, environmental marketing, diversity marketing, relationship marketing, marketing analytics, business to business marketing, business to consumer marketing, public relations, and advertising.

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