Campus Life

When you talk to UD students, they’ll tell you about an active residential community where students immerse themselves in everything that college life has to offer. You’ll be challenged by a curriculum based in the liberal arts that focuses on solid career preparation. No matter what your major, you’ll be engaged in hands-on learning and the Career Resource Center will help you to explore options, hone in on career choices, and search for professional positions.

Education for a changing world

A University of Dubuque education will provide you with an educational base for life-long learning that will prepare you for your future.  Our faculty are seasoned professionals with real-life work experiences to share in the classroom.  You’ll develop the critical thinking abilities that will serve you well and inspire you to continue learning, questioning, and exploring, long after graduation.  You’ll learn how to work independently and in teams as well as engage in field projects and professional internships. 

An active residential community

If you have a favorite activity, you’ll no doubt find others who share your passion. Special interest clubs, volunteer organizations, club sports, and the Spartan athletic teams offer outlets for you to stay healthy and active, participate in service projects, and make lasting friendships.

Becoming the Best You Can Be

At UD, you’ll experience a welcoming atmosphere in and out of the classroom. Your professors will know you by name, offer support and insight, and will be there to help. You’ll join an engaging community where your thoughts, interests, and individuality are valued. The fabric of daily life at UD is defined by many as a “place of true community.” You’ll be encouraged to explore the life of faith and many of the most meaningful questions of life as you develop a deeper understanding of your humanity, integrity, virtue, and hope for our ever-changing world.

When you graduate, you’ll be prepared to make a living and to make a life.