A "Former University of Dubuque Student" is classified as any traditional Undergraduate (Non-LIFE) Student that was previously admitted to the University, earned credits, and did not enroll at the University of Dubuque for 1 full semester or more. All previous Academically Suspended students must re-apply for admission.

Former Seminary, Graduate, and LIFE students should not complete the "Former Student Application" unless they intend to enroll in Traditional (Non-LIFE) Undergraduate courses in the future.

To apply for Re-Admission to the University of Dubuque, please click on this link: www.dbq.edu/AdmissionAid/Apply/ and choose Former UD-Student Application.

Please Note: You will need to sign-up to re-apply. You cannot use previous UD log in information for this application.


  1. You must send final and official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended since you left UD.
  2. Your student account balance at the University of Dubuque must be $0. If you have a balance due, please contact Becky Weidenhamer RWeidenhamer@dbq.edu in the Student Accounts office to find out details of your account or to make a payment.
  3. If you are required or would like to live on campus, please complete the Housing Application.
  4. There is no $25 application fee or $200 admission deposit required of former UD Students.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Shane Besler
Associate Dean of Admission
University of Dubuque