The Academic Success Center (ASC) offers academic mentoring to assist students in developing the skills that promote college success.

In supporting the mission of Learning Support Services, our Learning Support Coaches and peer staff assist UD students as they become self-determined, motivated, and independent learners. An affirmative and proactive approach supports student-development of the general learning strategies necessary for success in the classroom and in professional life.


What is a Learning Support Coach?

Learning Support Coaches are professional staff members who provide academic mentoring. They offer individualized support and help students make and carry out a plan for success. Learning Support Coaches assist students in:

  • Identifying their strengths and challenges
  • Eliminating barriers to learning
  • Setting academic goals and making an action plan
  • Choosing the right learning strategies for their learning style
  • Developing organizational skills
  • Improving time management
  • Communicating effectively
  • Utilizing academic and campus resources
  • Remaining accountable


Learning Support Coaches provide one time guidance or meet regularly with students as they work to become academically independent. Their schedules provide the flexibility to work with students at various times of day through both face-to-face sessions and virtual correspondence.


Scheduling an Appointment for Academic Mentoring

If you're interested in utilizing our academic mentoring services, please contact or stop by the ASC, on the second floor of the Charles C. Myers Library.