University of Dubuque has partnered with Acadeum - Council for Independent Colleges (CIC) Online Course Sharing Consortium, a network of accredited colleges and universities that share online course offerings. These courses have been pre-approved by UD for students to request registration. Courses taken through Acadeum are considered institutional credit and impact the student's GPA and graduation requirements in the same way a UD course does. The course will appear on the student's UD transcript as a UD course (though the course codes will begin with the letter "A" versus a "D", to indicate that the course was not actually taken at UD).

Students are not eligible to register for a CIC course if UD is offering the same course during the same term, unless there is a scheduling conflict that will delay the student's required course sequence.

In order to be considered eligible to enroll in a course through Acadeum, students must:

  • Be at the sophomore level (at least 30 credits earned) at the time of enrollment in an Acadeum-CIC course;
  • Be enrolled full-time (at least 12 UG credit hours fall/spring) or if a Graduate Student, half-time (3 credits hours fall/spring) at UD during the academic term in which they are seeking to take an Acadeum-CIC course (Acadeum-CIC courses will be included in determination of full-time status); there is no minimum credit requirement for summer;
  • Be in good academic standing. Students who are on academic probation or suspended are NOT eligible to enroll in Acadeum-CIC courses;
  • Be financially cleared at UD in the academic term in which the student seeks to enroll in an Acadeum-CIC course.


To register for a pre-approved online consortium course through Acadeum, students will first collaborate with their Academic Advisor to search for available courses. Once the student and the Advisor have selected potential courses, students are required to complete the Online Consortium Approval form with their advisor. The form can be found under Student Resources in MyUD. Once these steps have been completed, students can request the course by clicking on the link below, signup for an account using their UD email, verify their email and request to register for pre-approved courses. Please note that all registrations are dependent on UD's approval on a student-by-student basis. You will be notified when your request to register for a CIC course is approved or denied.

If your enrollment request is accepted by UD and the teaching institution, please note the following terms:

  • Enrollment in online courses is permitted up to six (6) UG semester credit hours per academic semester and three (3) GR semester credit hours per academic semester. These courses will appear on the student's schedule and transcript, starting with the letter "A".
  • Upon completion of each CIC course, UD will post the final grade on the student's UD transcript. CIC grades will be counted in UD's GPA and the credit hours will all be counted in the 'attempted' and 'earned' categories for Satisfactory Academic Progress calculations.
  • Students are responsible for adhering to course participation and policies of the teaching institution, which includes logging in on the course start date, submitting assignments, securing textbooks and learning materials, and following through on all required actions as stated on the syllabus and by the teaching institution.
  • Textbooks for CIC courses are not included in UD's tuition and fees.
  • UD will not intervene in grade disputes in cases where a UD student is dissatisfied with the final grade issued by the teaching institution.
  • Course drop dates are determined by the teaching institution. UD will not intervene in disputes regarding course drops, withdrawals, and/or refunds in cases where the student did not meet the teaching institution's deadlines.
  • Students pay the applicable UD term tuition rate for the CIC course; financial aid may be applied to cover CIC course cost. It is the student's responsibility to work with the financial planning office.
  • Students who exceed full-time enrollment due to the addition of CIC courses will be charged overload tuition and fee rates per the published UD tuition and fee schedule.


If you wish to drop or withdraw from an Acadeum-CIC course, please email UD at Do not contact the teaching institution directly.

Be advised that add/drop and withdrawal dates for Acadeum-CIC courses may differ from UD's deadlines. Students will observe all regulations in effect at the host institution including, but not limited to, academic integrity policies, calendar deadlines and procedures for adding/dropping or withdrawing from classes.

Teaching Institutions process withdrawals in the same way they process grades. If a student withdraws from an Acadeum-CIC course, the teaching institution will send the "W" to UD to be recorded on the student's UD transcript.

Billing Deadline/Payment Plans

Students will pay the applicable UD term tuition rate for the Acadeum-CIC course. Billing will follow all UD's pricing, billing, procedures and deadlines for the period in which the Acadeum course takes place. All costs and billing will be directly from UD, not the teaching institution. Any questions regarding costs or billing can be directed to Student Accounts, or 563.589.3710.

Students are responsible for all learning material costs, including textbooks, as determined by the teaching institution.

Disability Accommodations

If you are a student with a disability and wish to use accommodations for an Acadeum-CIC course, please contact the Academic Success Center at or 563.589.3262. ASC will facilitate the accommodations process with the teaching institution. It is best to make the request as soon as possible because it may take time to approve and implement the accommodation.