We should seek God in all we do, every day, so that we live worship-filled lives. But that is why we intentionally set aside times to gather together for worship. In encountering God, we are encouraged and reminded of who God is, what God is doing in the world, and who we are to be and do.

We reflect and inter-weave a variety of practices in our regular worship opportunities on campus: contemporary, black-gospel, global, and innovated traditional elements. Explore our services held on campus, and there are opportunities to attend .

Do you have a passion for worship? Consider how you can be a part of the at the University of Dubuque!

The purpose of Blades Chapel is to facilitate the worship of God, so that we may experience God's presence and be encouraged to take God's presence to the rest of campus and the world in such a way where others experience the sacred as well. To learn more about sacred space , or to learn more about the wonderful mural in the Blades lobby, .

Worship Together