Welcome to an inviting, transformative, Christ-centered community aimed at embracing the mission of Campus Ministry by engaging students in spiritual and musical development to become the future leaders of Christian worship - now!

Our Worship Ministry includes a worship team, while also collaborating with the Gospel Choir.

We are eager and excited to encourage and mentor students as they embark on the mission of proclaiming the good news of Jesus through worship ministry!

The Worship Team aspires to be a space that welcomes, equips, and empowers members exploring worship ministry as a place of calling or belonging within the Kingdom of God. We hope this opportunity produces practical and invaluable ministry experience that will serve you the rest of your life.

The Worship Team is responsible for providing worship leadership for chapels, as well as special all-campus events throughout the academic year.

Contact WBentley@dbq.edu to learn more about our vibrant and growing Worship Ministry.