Career assessments are designed to be the first step towards identifying where your interests may rest, and what is important to you. Career Assessments do not determine or identify an academic major or minor, nor do they determine or identify one's future employment. However, the assessment might be helpful to gain an understanding of your interests, values, strengths, skills, and family/cultural influences and how they may have an overall impact on your evolving decision.  

The Office of Vocation, Career Services, and Community Engagement offer assessments to students free of charge, relevant to career planning. 

  • Online Career Cruising: Career Assessments are designed to assist students in planning for a healthy vocational track. 
  • Career Matchmaker: This assessment is based on an internationally acclaimed interest assessment that is used and respected around the world. 
  • My Skills: Matches students with potentially suitable careers. 
  • Learning Styles Inventory: Can help students understand how they learn and retain information.  

All UD undergraduate students are set up for Career Cruising accounts. Read the Career Cruising Information document for directions to access the Career Cruising program. 

Students are welcome to contact the professional staff to request an appointment to review results through Handshake.