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CD Creating

How do I copy files to a CD using Roxio Media Creator?
How Do I Use Roxio Easy Media Creator

Compressed or Zipped files

How do I open or create a zipped file?
How Do I Create or Work with Zipped Files


How do I find the MAC address for my game console?
Find MAC Address for Game Console


How can I change the touch pad settings on a University laptop?
How to Change the Touch Pad Settings on UD Laptops

What are the minimum computer specifications for personal computers? 
Computer and Software Specification

Live Text

How do I obtain help with Live Text?
Live Text Help


How do I obtain academic and financial information from "My UD"?
How Do I Use MY UD


My Computer isn't connecting to the Network in the Residence Halls.
Computer Not Connecting to Network

How do Faculty & Staff log onto the computer "locally"? (off network)
FacultyStaff-Use of Computer Locally

How do I secure my workstation?
How Do I Secure My Workstation

How do I change my password? {students}
How Do I Change My Network Password

Faculty & Staff and Students are required to change passwords every 180 days.
FacultyStaff-How Do I Change My Network Password

What do I need to know about the University of Dubuque Network?
What Do I Need to Know About the University Network

Where do I save my documents on the network?
Where Do I Save My Documents on the UD Network

How Certify Computer for Use on UD Network
How to Connect to UD Network in Residence Halls


How do I place a long distance call from a campus residence?
How Do I Place a Long Distance Call from a Campus Phone

I am faculty or staff. How do I set up my voice mail?
FacultyStaff-Voicemail Instructions

Technology Web Addresses

What are the technology related web addresses?
University of Dubuque Technology Web Addresses

TextAloud 2.0 by NextUp

How do I use TextAloud software by NextUp?
NextUp TextAloud Software

USB Flash Drive

How do I work with a USB Flash (thumb) drive?
How to Use a USB Flash Drive