Advisor Guidelines

How to Seek Approval for Coursework Research to Be Done by UD students

Generally, proposed student research involving human subjects does not require direct review by the IRB. However, it does require approval and oversight by the instructor in accordance with IRB guidelines. To insure consistent protection of human subjects, all faculty must seek certification of any course in which some or all students do such research. Generally, this is a simple matter of filling out a one-page form (see below) and maintaining familiarity with basic IRB guidelines.

All Instructors: To seek certification for each applicable course, follow this procedure:

  1. Review the conditions for exemption.
  2. Review the IRB's overall Guidelines for Protection of Human Subjects
  3. Download, fill out, and submit the Course Certification Form to

The Course Certification form must be submitted in advance by each instructor of any course in which at least some students may research human subjects' beliefs, emotions, behaviors, physical characteristics, etc. through questionnaires, interviews, observation, or intervention. Submit the form with the syllabus each term in which the course is taught. (If possible suggest you fill out the form electronically and keep a copy on your network account to minimize the need to redo it.) In you case you need models . . .

Course Certification - Example A

Course Certification - Example B

Course Questionnaire Example PDF that would be covered by Example B

If any UD student's research does not meet the conditions for exemption from IRB review, that student (with the instructor's help) must follow the same review process as UD faculty or staff before beginning research involving human subjects. (The IRB cannot guarantee that it will be able to review such proposals as quickly as assignment deadlines would require; therefore, instructors may choose to disallow any research that does not meet the conditions for exemption.)