Vehicle and Parking Policies

These regulations are provided to ensure the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and property, as well as manage parking for all who drive a vehicle on and around the University of Dubuque campus. All persons who wish to park in any of the University parking lots must register their vehicle with the Safety and Security Office.

Purchase of a permit does not guarantee a parking space. Parking is provided on an "as available" basis.

All persons registering or driving motor vehicles on UD property are responsible for knowing the rules and regulations governing parking and traffic.

University parking permits are required in all University parking lots. Parking lot types are designated by a sign at the entrance to each lot. It is the driver's responsibility to observe and obey the signs. Due to space limitations-only one car or motorcycle per campus resident may be kept on campus lots. The same parking rules apply to motorcycles as to cars. Permits are not transferrable.

Students must register vehicles by the end of the first week of classes or within 24 hours of bringing a vehicle on campus. In order to register, a valid driver's license, current proof of insurance, and the state vehicle registration form must be provided before a permit will be issued. Students may register their vehicle online or at the Campus and Security Office, located in Smith Hall, Room 112.

All vehicles parked on campus must be currently licensed and operational at all times. Vehicles may not be left on campus unattended for extended periods of time. If you need to leave your vehicle in a residence hall parking lot over Christmas or Spring Break, please contact the Campus Safety and Security Office to make appropriate arrangements. Vehicles may not be left on campus during summer break when you are not currently enrolled, or if your status shows that you are no longer a student at UD.

Permit Requirements and Parking Lot Assignments

University of Dubuque issues the following types of permits, which must be properly displayed to park on UD properties:

  • Faculty/Staff: These may be purchased by employees of the university and are specific to designated lots as stated on the hang tags.
  • Commuter: These may be purchased by students who reside off campus. Also specific to lots designated on the permits.
  • Residence Hall: These may be purchased by students who reside in a resident hall.
  • Neighbor: For students who reside in private homes located in No Student Parking areas, this permit is free but student is NEVER to park in any campus lot.
  • Campus Houses: For students residing in one of the University-owned houses.
  • Evening: Free to Students enrolled in the LIFE Program for evening classes.
  • Motorcycle: A permit is required for motorcycles and mopeds; must park in a designated space - more than one motorcycle/moped may occupy one space.

The University parking permit is to be displayed inside the lower left corner of the vehicle's windshield. It should be fully attached with the adhesive. Any permits taped or not fully adhered to the window will be cited for Improper Display. These are available 24 hours a day from the Campus Safety and Security Office.

  • Visitor Permits: guests of students and the University are welcome to park in the Severance Lot located on Algona Street, across from Severance Hall. They should obtain a temporary parking permit if they plan to visit longer than a day or if there are no spaces in the Severance lot.
  • Temporary Parking Permits: issued in the event of repairs, newly purchased cars, or rentals, and are valid for no longer than two weeks at a time. Persons receiving a Temporary permit are responsible for rules and regulations pertaining to parking on University of Dubuque property.

Parking Lots

Faculty/Staff Lots: Restricted Monday - Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - designated by sign at entrances.

  • Dunlap Tech Lot
  • Aitchison Lot
  • Finley North Lot
  • Finley Upper Lot
  • University Park Drive Lot
  • Pearl Street Lot

Commuter Lots: Commuter parking permits are required Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

  • Hardee's Lot (HRD orange permit)
  • University Park Drive Lot (UPD yellow permit)
  • Lower Finley Lot (LF brown permit)

Residence Hall Lots - restricted 24 hours, specific permits required for each lot.

  • Park Village Lot: restricted to Park Village and Townhouse residents
  • South CRWC Lot: restricted to students living in one of the residence halls

Permit Fees

Student Parking Permit: $90.00 per year
Replacement Permit: $90.00

The fee for a parking permit will be billed to the student's account. Students who live off-campus as a resident of a house located on a street surrounding the University or designated through the City of Dubuque as a "No Student Parking" area, must still register their vehicle at no charge.

Students who have not registered their vehicles and accumulated multiple parking violations will be assessed a $25.00 license plate research fee which will be charged against the student's account.

No Parking Areas

No Parking areas include any areas marked by permanent or temporary signs, grassy areas, building entrances, crosswalks, garage entrances, and any other area not designated as parking areas. The absence of "No Parking" signs does not imply that parking is allowed. It is illegal to park in any area that is not designated for parking. Parking on most streets surrounding the University is prohibited by signs marking areas designated as "No University Student or Employee Parking" or "No University of Dubuque" areas. The fine for parking in these areas is $25.00.

Additionally, some residential streets are maintained as residential districts and all non-resident parking is prohibited by the City of Dubuque.

In addition, parking is not allowed in the following areas:
  • Service lane between Peters Commons and the Science Center.
  • Stoltz Sports Center service lane behind Smith Hall.
  • Loading area and drop zone behind Peters Commons.
  • Drive-through lanes in all parking areas.
  • Middle and end of drive lane in Cassat and Donnell Halls parking area.
  • All areas marked as fire lanes, either by sign or yellow-painted curb.
  • All sidewalks and patios on campus.

General Parking Regulations

  • Parking in University lots requires an appropriate University of Dubuque Permit.
  • Vehicles must be parked in marked spaces and within stall markings.
  • Parking is prohibited within:
    • 15 feet of a crosswalk
    • 10 feet of a fire hydrant
    • 4 feet of a driveway
  • Do not park in Special Needs/Handicap spaces without the appropriate valid and legitimately issued State permit - this includes the striped areas alongside the designated space.
  • Reckless driving/speeding with a blatant disregard of personal safety or property.
  • Emergency flashers will not be acknowledged as a signal for short term parking.

Townhouse Parking

Do not park on the circle streets in front of the townhouses. Parking on these streets can block access for emergency vehicles and they need to be able to access the area 24 hours a day. This will also help others to see children when driving in and out of their driveways. Additionally, please park in driveways close to the garages so they are not blocking the vision of other drivers backing out of driveways. This will help all drivers see children.

Parking Fines

Violating University motor vehicle policies will result in the following fines:
  • Handicapped Parking violation: $200.00
  • Parking in a fire lane or alley: $50.00
  • Falsifying a permit: $50.00
  • Careless or reckless driving: $75.00
  • No current permit: $90.00
  • Parking on the grass or on a sidewalk: $25.00
  • Parking in a "Faculty/Staff Parking" area: $25.00
  • Parking in a "Visitor" parking area: $25.00
  • Parking in a "No Student Parking" area: $25.00
  • Parking where "Permit Not Valid in Lot": $25.00
  • Improper parking: $15.00
  • Improper display of permit: $25.00
  • Parking prohibited: $25.00

All parking fines are the responsibility of the student registering the vehicle.
All parking fines are to be paid in the Office of Student Accounts in Smith Hall. Failure to pay parking fines in a timely manner will result in those fines being charged against your student account. Please note that unpaid student charges, including unpaid parking fines, may prevent registration for classes and withholding of grades and transcripts.

Parking Questions and Violation Appeals
Questions concerning parking violations can be addressed with the Campus Safety and Security Office. Appeals on traffic or parking violations can be made in writing and emailed to or brought to the Security office in Smith Hall (Room 112).

Vehicle Tow Policy
Any vehicle blocking another vehicle, a driveway, or a fire lane is subject to towing without notice, at the owner's expense. Vehicles with excessive tickets are considered habitual violators of the parking regulations, and may be subject to judicial referral to the Office of Student Life and/or towed at the owner's expense. Vehicles left abandoned or not operational will be subject to towing unless the owner has made arrangements with the University.

Bicycle Parking and Skateboard Policy
The University of Dubuque has an obligation to provide a safe environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors and to protect University property. Skateboarding can be dangerous and presents a safety issue for drivers, pedestrians, and the skateboarder. Skateboarding can also cause significant damage to benches, railings, steps, curbs, and trash receptacles. Therefore, skateboarding, skating, and cycling are not permitted on campus, except for special events scheduled by the University. Bicycling is permitted in designated areas only.

Campus includes inside of buildings and the property surrounding the buildings, including campus steps and parking lots. "Skateboarding" refers to any motion of the skateboard with a rider on the board. "Skating" refers to the motion of skater wearing inline or regular skates. "Cycling" refers to riding by whatever means with one or both feet on the bicycle or unicycle.

All bicycles should be parked in the bicycle racks provided by the University, and not locked to railings or trees located outside of buildings or anywhere else on campus. Bicycles found secured to property other than racks will be subject to confiscation. Bicycles left unattended for 30 days or more will be considered to be abandoned. The bicycle may be stored at owners expense or disposed of, if unclaimed.

All gas powered vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds, and motorized bicycles must be registered with Safety and Security and parked in designated areas only (not in bicycle racks).

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the University of Dubuque's Vehicle and Parking Policies, please contact Safety and Security at 563.589.3333 or visit Campus Security in Smith Hall, Room 112.