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Spartans of UD - Ray Sanders (C'79)

By University Relations Staff

Spartans of UD highlights what makes the University of Dubuque special - the people.

Ray Sanders (C'79) and his wife, Cynthia Sanders, are co-owners of Sugar Ray's BBQ in Dubuque. Their authentic barbeque is a staple at many alumni and student events on campus and in the community. As a student, Ray was a safety and health occupation major as well as a member of the football team.

What inspired you to open Sugar Ray's BBQ?

"When I came to the University of Dubuque, I noticed that they didn't have a BBQ restaurant."

How do you come up with your recipes?

"A lot of trial and error. I burnt up a lot of food before I got it right."

How does it feel to be back on campus, serving your delicious BBQ at alumni and student events?

"It feels wonderful to be back on campus. I like the students and the staff. It's usually a great time."

What advice do you have for current Spartans?

"My advice for current Spartans is to follow your dreams, whatever they may be. You never know what might come out of them."

In your opinion, what makes the University of Dubuque unique?

"The University of Dubuque is a small university that has grown since the time the I attended in 1975 to 1979. The facilities are awesome. The football field, soccer field, and the hockey teams are all great improvements. I love being a Spartans - Go Blue!"