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Spartans of UD - Tiger Emrich

By University Relations Staff
Tiger Emrich - Spartans of UD

Spartans of UD highlights what makes the University of Dubuque special - the people.

Tiger Emrich, of Waterloo, Iowa, is a junior communication and theatre double major. He is interning at the Irish Rock 'n' Roll Museum Experience in Dublin, Ireland, this summer.

How did you find out about the Irish Rock 'n' Roll Museum Experience's internship?

"I actually got super lucky getting placed at the Irish Rock 'n' Roll Museum. When I applied for internships through International Studies Abroad, the museum found me through that. They were the first company to reach out to me and we clicked instantly. I wouldn't have known about the internship opportunity if I hadn't signed up for my three weeks of study abroad in Ireland."

What inspired you to intern in Ireland this summer at the museum?

"I would say that Dr. Michelle Grace (director of speech communication and internship coordinator at the University of Dubuque) actually inspired me the most to intern in Ireland. She came to me one day and told me that she wanted me to study abroad. I had always known that I wanted to study abroad but I was nervous to fully commit. If I didn't have the support from her that I had, it would have remained a dream instead of becoming a reality."

Do you know what you will be doing as an intern?

"I will be working the front desk, shadowing some tours, and walking around Dublin marketing the museum. There may be more responsibilities but at this moment, that's what I've been told."

What do you hope to learn from your summer internship at the Irish Rock 'n' Roll Museum Experience?

"The thing I'm most excited to learn about is other cultures. Living in Iowa my entire life, I haven't gotten the opportunity to engage with many different types of people. The Irish Rock 'n' Roll Museum is a big tourist attraction so not only will I be able to engage with Irish culture, but I will also meet many people from around the world. My supervisor told me many interns come from all across Europe so I'm excited to learn from them as well.

"Another thing I want to learn about is myself. This is the perfect opportunity to learn who I truly am and what my goals in life are. The biggest enabler of growth is change."

How has the University of Dubuque helped you prepare for the internship?

"UD has helped prepare me for this internship in multiple ways. I'm a communication and theatre double major so in each major, I learn how to engage with people. One class that's required for communication majors is intercultural communication where you learn about how other cultures act and how to engage. In theatre, we are taught to be open-minded and receptive to what people have to say, whether or not we agree. I am very excited and grateful to get this opportunity through UD."