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Spartans of UD - Morgan Hawkins

By University Relations Staff

Spartans of UD highlights what makes the University of Dubuque special - the people.

Morgan Hawkins, of Asbury, Iowa, is a sophomore pre-education and physical education teaching K-12 double major. She also participates in women's golf and women's basketball.

What inspired you to study physical education?

"My mom was a high school PE teacher early in her career. I grew up watching her enjoy going to work and I saw how she affected so many students' lives and I dream of doing that."

What is something you've learned while at UD that you hope to take into your classroom one day?

"While at UD, I've learned a lot of different ways to help students when they are struggling in class or need support. I hope to be that helping hand and get students to enjoy PE."

In your opinion, why is physical education an important piece of the school curriculum?

"Physical education is important because it teaches children different ways to be active, rather than just running or walking. There are many motor skills children need to learn as they grow up as well, so including PE in a school curriculum helps students develop through movement."

What physical education activities from your childhood are you most excited to teach?

"I'm excited to teach team games like king pin and townball because it makes the students think about strategies and build teamwork skills."

As a member of women's golf and women's basketball, how do you balance your academic responsibilities with your athletic responsibilities?

"I've had to develop a lot of time management skills and decide what homework is best to do first, prioritize projects and assignments over hanging out with friends, and create a schedule that sets aside time to practice. Being a two-sport athlete is fun and keeps me busy but focusing on my mental and physical health helps me perform better in my sports and in the classroom."