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Spartans of UD - Jeremy Ware (C'15)

By University Relations Staff

Spartans of UD highlights what makes the University of Dubuque special - the people.

Jeremy Ware (C'15) broke two Guinness World Records in one year. In 2023, the former Spartans men's basketball player achieved records for the farthest basketball shot made backwards at 85 feet, 6 inches and the most squats on a stability ball within one minute at 37 squats. Ware, who was an accounting major, is a senior accountant at Stine Enterprises in Phoenix, Arizona.

Did you ever imagine you would break not only one but two Guinness World Records?

"No. I did not. I was voted most likely to break a world record in high school, but I had completely forgotten about that."

How did it come to be that you attempted your first record of the farthest basketball shot made backwards on January 29, 2023?

"In 2010, I started shooting half court shots backwards and became really good at it. I continued to do so throughout the years and eventually started taking selfie videos of myself making them. Fast forward to 2022, I was wondering if there was anything different that I could try to add flare to my shot. I looked up world records to see if there was one for backwards basketball shots and saw the record for the world's farthest basketball shot made backwards. I went out to a park later that week and measured off 83 feet, the record at the time, and I made it on the third try. So, I reached out to Guinness and submitted an application to try and attempt to break the record. I was blessed with the opportunity to break the record at the AT&T Center (now Frost Bank Center), home of the San Antonio Spurs."

What was it like to attempt and break your second record of the most squats on a stability ball within one minute on November 10, 2023?

"This record was a lot of fun. When I was 12 years old I started Swiss ball training and was able to not only balance and squat, but also jump, maintain my balance, and then squat. Swiss ball training has been a staple in my training regimen for a very long time. After I broke my first record, I wanted to see if I could break a second. I started thinking about what else am I good at that I know is difficult and I knew the Swiss ball squats would suffice. I looked on Guinness's website and saw there in fact was a record and that the previous record was 30. I was able to get 37! This record was extremely difficult and even though it's not as aesthetically pleasing as my backwards shot, this one definitely took more skill."

When you think back on your time as a student at the University of Dubuque, what are some of your fondest memories?

"My favorite memories from my time as a student at UD are hanging out with friends and playing basketball for sure. We had a great team that year, and we finished 23-6 and made the NCAA Tournament."

What advice do you have for current Spartans?

"My advice for current Spartans is to enjoy the moment because it goes by quick. Take the time to get your school work done and excel in the classroom but also enjoy every step of the process and have fun along the way. Some of my closest friends that I have today are ones that I met in college."

In your opinion, what makes the University of Dubuque unique?

"UD is unique because it is big enough that you don't know everyone but also small enough that you can have a community. As you progress in your studies, the class sizes are favorable so that you do not feel like a number in an auditorium but instead are an individual with the ability to personally connect and grow with your professors and other students in your major."