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Spartans of UD - Jeremiah Steed

By University Relations Staff

Spartans of UD highlights what makes the University of Dubuque special - the people.

Jeremiah Steed (C'22), of Las Vegas, Nevada, is in the master in management - sport management program. He is also a sprinter/jumper with track and field.

What inspired you to study sport management?

"I decided to get my master's in sports management because growing up I have always been around sports and participate in them to this very day; I am currently on the track and field team. Sports have always been a big thing in my family, but I wanted to participate in sports as well as learn about agents that represent athletes and how this gives them the ability to build their brand. Sports marketing and management can provide individuals with many opportunities that can allow them to work at a vast variety of levels in sports. I want to work more so with professional athletes and hopefully run professional track and field or be given the chance to represent some professional athletes."

What do you enjoy most about the master in management - sport management program?

"The thing that I enjoy the most about the program is that a majority of individuals that are in the same program as you, you will have a majority of classes with them. This gives me the chance to meet new people as well as build strong connections. The professors that teach the classes are all friendly and want to make sure that students succeed in what they do. Professors also make sure they are available to students even after they have completed their course. The program is overall just a fun time and a great learning experience."

What experiences have you had in the program that you feel will help you reach your career goals?

"With it being my first year in the master's program, I have not had many experiences but the material that I am learning in class is essentially similar to an experience. The class work and homework are prepping the master's students for when they graduate and move on to their specified area, so everything that I have learned is going to benefit me. The CAS program also provides some good opportunities that help an individual with social skills and connections. Overall, the experiences will come with the program and help an individual in achieving their end goal or get a position with their dream job."

As a student-athlete, how have you been able to balance academics and athletics?

"I have been able to balance out sports and academics thanks to Coach (Chad) Gunnelson. At the beginning of every semester, Coach Gunnelson likes to hold a team meeting for student-athletes to be able to schedule practice times throughout the week based on everyone's class schedule. This has helped me a lot because the practices end relatively early to where you can eat something, freshen up, and do homework or hang out with friends. I have Coach Gunnelson to thank for helping me balance out my training/practices and academics."

What advice do you have for our future Spartans?

"My advice for future Spartans is to find a group of friends that are willing to hold you accountable and do not be scared to try anything new! If you are participating in a sport, do not be afraid to ask the upperclassmen or the coach for help. Everyone on campus is willing to help you, it is just a matter of you reaching out to them and speaking up. I have a friend group of maybe three to four people that hold me accountable and make sure that I am doing everything I need to do to reach my goals and pass my classes. Oh, school comes first so stay on top of your schoolwork and classes."