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Spartans of UD - Jennifer Bell

By University Relations Staff

Spartans of UD highlights what makes the University of Dubuque special - the people.

Jennifer Bell (C'08), associate director for financial aid at the University of Oregon, helps host the Black Alumni and Black Student Union tent at the Spartan Fest Tailgate during Homecoming.

What does Homecoming mean to you?

"Homecoming for me is an opportunity to stay connected with my alma mater, reminisce and catch up with old friends, make new friends, and reflect on my personal journey and how far I've come."

You help host the Black Alumni and Black Student Union tent at the Spartan Fest Tailgate. How would you describe the energy as the UD community gathers before the football game?

"The energy before the football game is just fun! It's such a relaxed environment and I love having the opportunity to casually connect with current UD students and share their excitement for the game and the weekend."

What is your favorite Homecoming memory from your time as a student?

"As a student, I always loved meeting recent, and not so recent, alums during Homecoming. Many of them have become my mentors and friends over the years!"

Why is important for you as an alumnus to stay connected to campus?

"My experience at UD helped to shape me and I am forever grateful for that opportunity. It's important for me to stay connected so that I can give back to the place that helped to make me who I am. I also love the opportunity to check in with current UD students and hear about their own journey and all of the things that excite them."

What advice would you have for current students?

"Work hard. Play hard. Your college experience can be one of the best times in your life, but remember why you are there. Developing the discipline to have that balance is a skill that is important both now as a student and beyond your time at UD."