John and Alice Butler Hall

The University of Dubuque's principal performance venue, John and Alice Butler Hall, is an intimate, breathtaking space that can comfortably accommodate close to 1,000 patrons in performances by University performing arts groups as well as local, regional, and national touring troupes in music, dance, and drama.

Butler Hall comes with all the archetypal accoutrements, from a large stage to accommodate a 100-piece orchestra to the orchestra pit, fly loft, scene shop, costume shop, dressing rooms, green lounge, performance equipment, and prop storage. The audience seating is comprised of numerous vineyard seating platforms, balcony tiers, and boxes designed to afford uncompromised views and acoustics for every seat in the house. Every consideration has been given to ensure any level or nature of performance is accommodated, with particular attention to acoustics, lighting, rigging, and - importantly - patron comfort.

The John and Alice Butler Pipe Organ, Opus 97, built by Dobson Pipe Organ Builders was dedicated on April 6, 2021. The organ has 3,033 pipes; the largest pipe is 32 feet long, and the shortest pipe is half the size of a pencil. For more details and photos, click here.

Babka Theatre

Babka Theatre is a 200-seat black box theatre that provides an exceptional and versatile instructional, rehearsal, and performance space for drama and dance, and it can also function as a lecture hall. The space's walls, floors, ceiling, exposed catwalks, and velour curtaining are black. A set/scene shop, costume shop, and dressing rooms provide backstage support for the theatre program.

A mirror wall, balance bars, and sprung floor that reduces the possibility of injury to dancers are utilized in dance classes. Black box theatres generally do not have windows; however, Babka Theatre has five windows that can be left exposed for classes and guest lectures. A ring gallery offers expanded seating space and back-of-house support for sound and lighting.

Knapp Stage

The CyberCafe's Knapp Stage is a popular place for guest artists, student open mic performances, and concerts during lunch, dinner, and evening hours. It is often used for pre-show functions prior to mainstage events in Butler Hall.

Farber Box Office

The Farber Box Office, located just inside the main public entrance to Heritage Center, is named to honor Frank Farber, father of Trustee Susan Farber, and a generous, long-term financial supporter of the University. The box office is the central point in Heritage Center from which tickets to events will be processed and dispensed. For more information, click here.

Straatmeyer Rehearsal Room

Straatmeyer Rehearsal Room functions as a venue for rehearsals, lessons, classes, small guest lectures, and more. It is the main rehearsal space for the concert, jazz, and pep bands.

Aitchison-Welch Choral Rehearsal Room

‌The Aitchison-Welch Choral Rehearsal Room is named to honor iconic English faculty member Anna Aitchison and former UD President Dale Welch and his spouse, Lucille Aitchison Welch (C’23).

This Aitchison-Welch Choral Rehearsal Room can accommodate 60 students. While the tiered floor makes it the perfect choral rehearsal space, it can be used as a lecture classroom as well.

A.Y. McDonald Performance Lobby

Entrances to Butler Hall are marked with doors that introduce a stylized treble clef theme that is carried through Heritage Center in a number of forms. The lobby has ample space to comfortably accommodate patrons gathering before and after performances. It also serves as the location for special UD celebrations and dinners.

Mark and Cheryl Falb Balcony

The Mark and Cheryl Falb Balcony offers patrons and guests one of the most dramatic views on campus. From the balcony, one can observe the entire performance hall lobby as well as the Chlapaty Recreation and Wellness Center, the football stadium, South Campus, and beyond campus to the hills that surround Dubuque to the south and west. The balcony also provides easy access to the balcony area of Butler Hall.

Charles and Elizabeth Bisignano Gallery

New gallery exhibits fill the walls almost every month. Artists range from UD students, local children, and professionals from the Dubuque area and across the country. The glass walls entice students walking by to stop and see the magnificent works.

Straatmeyer History Display

Heritage Center also includes a display venue for archival and heritage articles and artifacts from UD's history. This important heritage piece is housed in the Main Hall lobby with proximity to the art gallery and other public spaces.

Linda Chlapaty Music Education Suite

The spacious Linda Chlapaty Music Education Suite honors Linda Chlapaty who, together with her husband, Joseph (C'68), provided much of the financial support that launched UD into a future bright with possibility and potential. She is an educator and a former teacher.

The Linda Chlapaty Music Education Suite holds 10 individual, sound-isolating practice rooms with pianos, keyboards, guitar amps, and percussion equipment. It also contains a keyboard lab for classes such as theory, piano, and composition.

CyberCafe and American Trust Lounge

The CyberCafe;, with seating for 124, is a beautiful, light-filled space to enjoy a meal or snack. The cafe serves a variety of foods including pizza, burgers, pasta, an Asian Grill, and taco bar. Specials very each day. The CyberCafe opens out to a patio with tables, umbrellas, and a fire pit.

Cantilevered over the lower level of the Cybercafe, the American Trust Lounge has a tree house effect. It's a perch from which to view activity on the first floor of the cafe and a fresh perspective on the South Quad.

Sparty's Convenience Store

Sparty's Convenience offers snacks, quick meal options, and personal, and convenience items.

Mike & Betty's Ice Cream Shoppe

Mike and Betty's Ice Cream Shoppe has 16 different hard-packed ice cream flavors plus soft serve.