Campus Ministry at UD seeks to foster mutually beneficial partnerships with other ministry organizations, and that has certainly been the case with InterVarsity. We have benefitted from various conferences and leadership training provided by IVCF staff. Learn more about InterVarsity in general, or specifically about Black Campus Ministries, the Nursing Fellowship, or their Greek Ministry. Interested in helping out with IVCF's efforts, even starting an official chapter? Let us know at or contact Regional Director Kathy Haug at

"A vibrant community of Jesus followers in every corner of campus."

This student group and others can operate on campus with the support of Campus Ministry. Such groups can have official presence as a chapter, being willing to be a part of the . Additionally, they can be recognized as a student organization with such rights and responsibilities by following the process put forth by SGA. If you are a part of a Christian group that you think would benefit Campus Ministry, contact us at