The Christian Identity of the University of Dubuque

The Christian identity of our school is reflected in the of the University and what we are committed to do as a community. For instance, we are to be a hospitable Christian environment. That means we are committed both to our Christian identity, and because of it, to respect other faith traditions and all people. It is in such an environment where authentic relationships can encourage intellectual, spiritual, and moral development. Our diverse campus community reflects our society, and the practice of Christian love here serves to prepare us to engage a broken world that needs healing.

No matter one’s role or title on campus, Campus Ministry is every Christian faculty, staff, and student living out their faith on this campus. And all faculty and staff - no matter their own personal faith - who support our Mission and institutional faith identity become a host, inviting others into what we are called to be here at UD.

In addition to Campus Ministry, we live out our Christian identity in many ways across campus. It is reflected in our Student Success Commitment and provides the basis for the and the Worldview programs. There are for community life in how we are to treat one another. The University of Dubuque began with its , which continues to prepare servant leaders for Christ’s church in the world. Undergraduate programs include and the future development of a sacred music program.