• 24 PC's in the Myers Center - Room M151 (22" flat panel monitors)
  • 32 PC's in the Jackaline Baldwin Dunlap Technology Center - Room T103 (22" flat panel monitors)
  • 24 PC's in the Jackaline Baldwin Dunlap Technology Center - Room T111 (22" flat panel monitors)
  • 28 PC's in the Computer Literacy Center - Charles C. Myers Library - 1st Floor (22" flat panel monitors)
  • Multimedia Studio in the Charles C. Myers Library - 2nd floor - Room L212 (featuring Adobe software, a color laser printer, and a scanning workstation)
  • 3 Labs in the Jackaline Baldwin Dunlap Technology Center - Rooms T203, T204, T205, with approximately 15 high-end computers (22" flat panel monitors) for the Computer Graphics and Interactive Media program (open 24 hours for both instruction and CGIM student use)
  • Multimedia classrooms located throughout the campus
  • Check out laptops, LCD projectors, video/digital cameras, microphones, audio/visual and other special equipment for faculty/staff.


The Office of Technology maintains a central network system (built in summer 2006). This network primarily operates with Windows 2016 on Hewlett Packard clustered servers that access over 32 terabytes of storage space on an array of hard drives (SAN). Data flows over fiber to each building, moving at gigabit speeds. Data is backed up daily, weekly, and monthly. All students are provided with a network account and a direct connection to the Internet from the residence halls at no extra charge. Information on how to connect your computer is just a click away on the UD web site.


Ninety-five percent of the computers on the University's network are made by Hewlett Packard and are refreshed regularly.

Employee computer specifications:
  • Computers are HP ProDesk 600
  • Monitors are HP 22-inch plat panels


  • Windows 10 operating system 
  • Office 365 (email and calendar) 
  • Microsoft Word 2019
  • Microsoft Excel 2019
  • Microsoft Access 2019
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2019
  • Microsoft Publisher 2019
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Jenzabar Administrative System 
  • Other academic program specific software

Student, Faculty & Staff Computer & Software Purchases

The information contained here is provided as a courtesy with the understanding that the University of Dubuque makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, concerning the reliability or suitability of the products. The University does not endorse any commercial providers or their products.

Recommended Minimum Hardware Specifications:

Windows 10
Operating System Windows 10 Professional
Intel Processor i5 or i7
Memory RAM 4 GB  (minimum) - 8 GB (recommended)
Hard Drive 100 GB or more
Ethernet Card Any 10/100/1000 card with twisted pair interface (RJ45)
Wireless Capabilities - available in some area on campus


Processor 1 GHz PowerPC G4 or faster 
Memory 4 GB (minimum) - 8 GB (recommended)
Hard Drive 100 GB or more
Wireless Capabilities - available in some area on campus