A Message From the President - Trial of Derek Chauvin

Apr 14, 2021

Dear UD Students, Faculty, Staff, Parents, Alumni and Trustees,

We know that nearly all of our students, family, friends, and colleagues are affected by many of the historic events of this past year. The tragedies that our nation endured from the loss of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd and, most recently, the egregious acts of violence against members of our Asian community in Atlanta and mass shootings in Colorado and around the country continue to shine light on the need to address matters of racial injustice, violence, and our soul as a nation. And, of course, all of this is taking place within the context of a worldwide pandemic.

Currently, many of us are witnessing the intense emotions of the Derek Chauvin trial. Whether by the printed or spoken word, detailed descriptions of that horrendous incident are jarring and shake each of us to the core. As we await the trial’s outcome, I want to reiterate the University of Dubuque’s commitment to fight racism - in all of its manifestations - and its commitment to building communities of justice, hospitality, and welcome. We will continue our work to facilitate a campus culture where all God’s people are loved and respected and where, as our Mission challenges us, we are a diverse and equitable community where Christian love is practiced.

Owning our own sin, particularly our role in the sin of racism and hate, is a necessary confession. And our ongoing work of justice and reconciliation is deeply embedded in the ethos of this faith-based community of teaching and learning.  We, each of us, are here to learn.  We are here to grow.  And we are here to be formed into the kind of people that assert a positive influence in our respective spheres of influence.  That work never ends, and continuing that work, in faithfulness and hope, is our collective calling.

Rev. Jeffrey F. Bullock, PhD
President of the University