Faculty/Staff Campaign

The Faculty and Staff Annual Fund Campaign is an opportunity for those employed by the University to demonstrate their financial support for the University's Mission and Vision. Participation by faculty and staff demonstrates to foundations and corporations to whom we submit proposals for grant/project funding that those closest to UD strongly support the University. Making a financial contribution to the Annual Fund is a tangible means of demonstrating commitment to the University of Dubuque's Mission and students. 

Payroll Deduction for UD Employees
UD employees are able to make a contribution to the Annual Fund via payroll deduction. Deductions will occur based on your payroll status (monthly or bi-weekly). You may deduct any amount you choose. 

You can also make a one-time investment to the Annual Fund using payroll deduction. Make an investment now!

Please contact the Advancement Office to set up a payroll deduction or get involved in the Faculty/Staff Campaign. Please contact Melissa Hemesath, Associate Vice President for Advancement at 563.589.3620 or MHemesath@dbq.edu.