Fine & Performing Arts at UD

The Department of Fine and Performing Arts offers the major in Fine and Performing Arts (FPA) with concentrations in music or theatre. The department also offers minors in music and theatre. Students are not required to major in an arts discipline to participate in co-curricular programs. Performance and ensemble opportunities are open to ALL students.

Mission Statement

The mission of the FPA department is to provide students at the University of Dubuque opportunities for participation and study in music, theatre, and art as distinct, yet interdisciplinary areas, of the fine and performing arts.  Through participation in FPA classes, events and performances, UD students engage the community within and beyond the University.  Students in the Fine and Performing Arts demonstrate a passion for the arts and connect theory to practice through the creation of socially conscious and intellectually adventurous works of art, theatre, and music.


Students in the Department of Fine and Performing Arts will:
  • understand theoretical principles of the arts and use them effectively;
  • create, perform, and experience work in a variety of art forms with a high level of comprehension and appreciation;
  • develop and demonstrate skills in critical and analytical thinking through effective speaking, writing, and performing on topics in the fine arts;
  • develop and demonstrate an understanding of aesthetic value;
  • demonstrate the practical application of ethics through outreach to the community through the fine and performing arts disciplines;
  • use the fine arts to gain insight into historical eras and the human condition; and
  • develop and demonstrate skills in effective project and event management, interpersonal communication, marketing and audience development.

UD offers arts-centered student organizations a number of which have grown to become credit-bearing classes reflecting the level of study, work, and value that the arts have for the various degree programs. 

These organizations include: 
  • Concert Choir
  • Chamber Singers
  • Women's Choir
  • Jazz Band
  • Pep Band
  • Spartaneous Improv
  • Drama Club
  • Gospel Choir
  • Praise Singers
  • Spartanettes Dance Team
  • Drawing Club
  • Alpha Psi Omega Honor Society
  • Photography Club and others

The Fine and Performing Arts major draws many students who seek a liberal arts program of study that emphasizes the many transferable skills to be gained through the fine and performing arts which are consistently sought after qualities by 21st century employers.

These skills include: 
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity/Problem-solving/Reasoning
  • Analytical/Research Skills
  • Computer/Technical Literacy
  • Flexibility/Adaptability/Multi-tasking
  • Interpersonal Abilities
  • Management Skills
  • Multicultural Sensitivity/Awareness
  • Planning/Organizing
  • Honesty/Integrity/Morality
  • Dependability/Reliability/Responsibility
  • Energy/Motivation/Passion