List of Services

UD's Center for Advising & Vocation brochure can be downloaded from the comprehensive Vocation & Civic Engagement Services Moodle page 

Vocational Counseling:  

Providing a confidential setting either facet-to-face or through a virtual forum, we provide support and assistance to students struggling with their vocational calling.  An intitial intake,   assessment(s), goals and objectives are reviewed. Typically a student will participate in 4 to 5 sessions; 50 minutes per session.  Career Counseling services are free to students.

Career Assessments:

Provided to assist students and Alumni to review their interests, skills, and values relevant to vocational choices. Click on the link above to learn more about career assessment, education & career planning, and career development. (Please click on the above verbiage to learn more.)   


Utilization of Career Assessments in Higher Education:

Assisting students and Alumni through the promotion of self-knowledge, educational and vocational exploration, and career planning. (Please click on the above verbiage to learn more.) 

Annual Career Week:

Provided each spring term, the weekly informational sessions.  

Suggested sesions are the following but not limited to: Preparing for Life After College Series; How to Utilize Handshake; Understanding Credit; LinkedIN Sessions; Study Abroad Opportunities; Optional Practical Training for International Students; AmeriCorps and Peace Corps Informational Sessions; and Resume/Cover Letter Best Practices. 


Vocation & Civic Engagement Services and the Future Young Professionals Student Organization:

Vocation & Civic Engagement Services actively collaborate with FYP Advisors and student organization members. 

Future Young Professionals (FYP) is a college chapter designed to bring together a diverse group of dedicated, talented individuals wanting to expand their personal and professional networks.
Activities and events are scheduled throughout the academic year.  Please contact Vocation & Civic Engagements Services to learn more about this organization and opportunities throughout the academic year. 

Consultation and Referral for Scholarships, Grants, & Awards:

Assisting students with the application process, consultation is offered through walk-ins & appointments.

PRF Professional Skills Development Coursework: 

UD's Vocation & Civic Engagement Services extends 1- and 3-credit coursework for students. The 1-credit course is offered two times for 8 weeks during the fall and spring terms. The 3-credit course is offered during May Term. Contact Vocation & Civic Engagement Services Services to learn about the course curriculum and benefits for student career development.  

Consultation and Guide for Considering Graduate or Professional School: 

Providing consultation to students and Alumni considering graduate and professional school.  Review of the application process, school/program selection, recommendations and requirements identified by the school/ program, as well as information regarding test preparation material and registration, if required thru the application process. UD students can access the guide through the comprehensive Vocation & Civic Engagement Services Moodle page.  


And Virtual Event Postings:  

Employers are encouraged to post their opportunities in Handshake.  Please visit to learn more about this forum. 

Opportunities are hosted on the Vocation & Civic Engagement website under the "Find a Job/Internship/Volunteer" opportunity. 

Updated regularly; local, regional, national and international opportunities. 

Informational Interview Program in Collaboration with Academic Departments Virtually or by Phone:

This program is intended for first and second year undergraduate students. Area professionals/retirees are invited to discuss their educational and vocational backgrounds. Student engagement is in collaboration with pre-selected course curriculum. Area professionals/retirees are interviewed by students with a recommended list of questions to assist with facilitated discussion. 

The informational interviews are conducted within a 50-minute period. All assessment tools are provided in advance to representatives and students.

Virtual Resume Workshop and Clinic Program Series in Collaboration with Academic Departments:

Vocation & Civic Engagement Services and Academic Departments pre-select courses which will engage within the Resume Workshop and Clinic (critique.)

Courses participate in 2 class periods. The first is designated a resume workshop facilited by Vocation & Civic Engagement Services and assigned Faculty member. The second is designated a critique of the resume in partnership with the campus Writing Lab. Student engagement is tied to an academic course assignment with a final draft submission to their assigned faculty member.

This program is encouraged for first and second year undergraduate coursework. 


Mock Interview Program in Collaboration with Academic Departments Virtually or by Phone:

Assisting students to prepare for an actual interview through simulation. Local and regional professionals and retirees donate their time to provide students with feedback on interview skills and a critique of the student's resume, including strengths and weaknesses. 

Mock interviews are conducted within a 50-minute period. All assessment tools and rubrics are provided in advance to representatives and students. This program is extended to third and fourth year undergraduate students, as well as graduate students. 

Networking Opportunity and Promotion of Access Dubuque: 

Vocation & Civic Engagement Services works closely with the Greater Dubuque Development Corporation to provide networking opportunities with local Dubuque professionals and to connect students to the Access Dubuque resource to promote internship and employment opportunities within the tri-state area. 


Online Career Library thru

Up-to-date resources provided to students and Alumni thru Vocation & Civic Engagement Services' affilitation with Vault. Such topics as: jobs, internships, careers, top employers & education programs, job search advice, salary info, job listings, employee message boards, and surveys from To gain easy access, go to our Online Career Library.

Career Mentors Program

Due to the impact of COVID-19, this program has been postponed during the 2020-2021 academic year. 

The University of Dubuque partners with area employer representatives and alumni to mentor enrolled undergraduate students with similar career field interests.  This educational program provides an additional networking opportunity for students, as they pursue their career path. 

Resume, Cover Letter, Curriculum Vitae, Reference Page Development Assistance & Critique:

Students and Alumni are welcome and encouraged to have their job/internship search documents reviewed.


Access Dubuque Fall Career Fair

Due to the impact of COVID-19, this event has been postponed. 

In collaboration with tri-state employers, Clarke University, Loras College, Northeast Iowa Community College, and the University of Dubuque, the Greater Dubuque Development Corporation faciliates this fall event. 

Advanced registration is required of employers This event promotes internship and employment opportunities.  


Graduate & Professional School Representatives: 

Graduate and professional school representatives are invited to pre-record informational sessions for enrolled students to access. 

Assistance to Develop Employer Internships: 

Employers are invited to contact UD's Vocation & Civic Engagement Services to assist with the development of internship opportunities at their sites. We will then share these opportunities with students and Internship Instructors per academic department. 

Don't Cancel Class:

Providing faculty members the opportunity to hold classes, even if they have to be away from campus and offer their students curriculum relevant to career development.

Consider utilizing Vocation & Civic Engagement Services' Don't Cancel Class Program‌ where we can present on a variety of career related topics adjustable between 50 minutes & an hour & a half. A brochure of the program can be downloaded from the comprehensive Vocation & Civic Engagement Services Moodle page. 

Iowa College Recruiting Network (ICORN)

Connecting Iowa Students with Career Opportunities

UD's Vocation & Civic Engagement Services participates in ICORN, which assists students of Iowa's private colleges and universities find internships and post-college employment.

The Network is a cooperative recruiting service through many independent colleges and universities across Iowa holding membership with the Iowa Association of Independent Colleges and Universities.

The Recruiting Network connects over 50,000 students with internships and careers through networking opportunities, internship and job postings, and interview events.

Above all, we are proving that hiring Iowa graduates from private institutions pays dividends for employers.  Employers are able to easily connect with highly-qualified candidates through a pre-selection process.

There are two recruiting events held during the academic year through ICORN:

Accounting Interview Day

The Recruiting Network has hosted this annual interview event in early Fall to help publicly and privately held companies recruit accounting/finance students for both full-time and internship opportunities.  

Spring Interview Day

Since its inception in 1984, the Recruiting Network has hosted centralized interview days designed to connect employers from all industries with students from its member schools. In this spring interview day, participating employers review applications from the participating schools and preselect students to interview in one day at one location.