Goals of the Programs & Services


At the core of our mission is to provide opportunities for students to enhance their career development & exploratory learning through self-knowledge, understanding of the world of work, job search skill development, and decision-making.   


  1. To educate students and alumni about the career development, planning, and implementation process.
  2. To support students and alumni in the vocational exploration, identification, pursuit, and integration of personal and professional career goals.
  3. To connect students and alumni directly to employment and continuing education opportunities, including internship opportunities for students.
  4. To teach students and alumni effective career navigation strategies, skills, and techniques.
  5. To inform constituents about career options, job market trends, and workplace paradigms.
  6. To collaborate with colleagues, administrators, faculty, alumni, and employers on projects that enhance career opportunities for students and alumni.
  7. To assist all UD students to make and act on career decisions with increased awareness, by educating and encouraging responsible, as well as, timely involvement in career planning, internships, and job search processes.
  8. To promote off-campus opportunities to students and provide a receptivity to and involvement with the University of Dubuque, departments, and alumni.
  9. To enhance services and continue to develop appropriate growth strategies per the increasing needs of the student body and alumni.
  10. To identify a network of employer contacts for student internships and future employment opportunities by developing effective long-term relationships with employers.