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Pathways to a Meaningful Life: Supporting One's Gifts, Strengths, and Talents

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UD's Vocation & Civic Engagement Services 
We welcome scheduled phone or virtual consultations. Please utilize the below staff contact information or email Career@dbq.edu

Professional Staff

  • Amy Baus, Psy.D., Director of Vocation, Civic Engagement, & Life Services, Assistant Professor of Psychology, ABaus@dbq.edu, 563.589.3512
  • Ellen Carr, M.B.A., Associate Director of Vocation & Civic Engagement Services, ECarr@dbq.edu, 563.589.3167
  • Marie Maguina Heller, M.Ed., Assistant Director of Vocation & Civic Engagement Services, MMaguinaheller@dbq.edu, 563.589.3633
  • Ciaira Grinstead, B.S., (Master in Management - Communication Management, in progress), Graduate Assistant, CGrinstead@dbq.edu, 563.589.3725 

Visit the Vocation & Civic Engagement Services Comprehensive Moodle Page

Students are encouraged to log into Moodle and visit the Vocation & Civic Engagement Services Moodle page found within their "My Course" listings. This comprehensive page provides a wealth of career related resources, such as internship and employment opportunities, as well as resources on vocation and civic engagement.    

Visit the Veterans Resource Comprehensive Moodle Page

Students who are Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces are encouraged to log into Moodle and visit the Veterans Resource Moodle page found within their "My Course" listings. This comprehensive page provides a wealth of resources organized by topic, including the Sigi3 Career Exploration and Military Occupational Coder, Cross Reference Service. 

2020-2021 Highlights

  • Leadership & Service with Stipend Opportunities (AmeriCorps & Peace Corps)
  • Study Abroad Opportunities (International) Due to concerns regarding COVID-19, these opportunities may be postponed
  • Graduate & Professional School Information (Domestic)
  • Internship Guideline Dates & Resources (Domestic & International)
  • Graduating Seniors - Employment Opportunities (Domestic)
  • Featured Career Resources

*Interested in participating in leadership & service with stipend opportunities?                         

National Service thru AmeriCorps click here

International Service thru Peace Corps click here 

*Interested to learn how Study Abroad can enhance your Career Development?  Due to concerns regarding COVID-19, these opportunities may be postponed 

AIFS Student Guide to Study Abroad and Career Development

Click here to view International Opportunities and Resources endorsed by UD

*Interested in pursuing graduate or professional school in the U.S.?

click here  to view information

Internship Guideline Dates & Resources Graduating Senior Resources    
  Employment Opportunities 

November for a Spring 2021 Internship

•  Employment search readiness checklist

•  Full-time and part-time employment postings, per employers request click here

March for a Summer 2021 Internship  
May for a Fall 2021 Internship •  Local, regional, and national career fairs  click here
  •  Career Library's jobs board  click here
•  To view domestic internship postings by major, per the request of employers  click here •  International employment opportunities  click here 
•  To view UD internship placements by major for contact  click here •  Additional Employment Resources  click here
•  To view international internship opportunities  click here •  Life After College  click here
•  Career Library's national internship postings  click here   

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Career Insider

About Us: UD's Vocation & Civic Engagement Services values the uniqueness of each individual and their ability to choose pathways to a meaningful vocation. By providing expertise, resources, and support, we assist those we serve to maximize their liberal arts and professional studies education, and develop the highest possible competency level.

Vocation and Civic Engagement Policy and Procedure Manual