Recreation Department - Spargar Trophy


Northeast Iowa Community College participates in UD's Intramural-Recreational Sports Program (also known as extramurals). This is NICC's 3nd year participating in UD's Intramural-Recreational Sports leagues and tournaments. This has been a great example of sports impacting student development, healthy lifestyles, and bringing together the community.

At the end of an intramural sport league or tournament the "Spargar Game" will be played. Spar - comes from UD's spartan mascot and -gar from NICC's cougar mascot. The "Spargar Game" will consist of UD's best sportsmanship rated team and NICC's best sportsmanship rated team in that specific intramural sport playing for the "Spargar" traveling trophy. The Spargar champion will take the traveling trophy to their respected university or college and put it on display. It will remain on display until the Spargar trophy is won by the opposing college/university during the next intramural sport. The Spargar game will be played during certain intramural sports.