Wellness Initiatives

UD's Student Wellness Initiatives - Offerings & Services

UD's Student Wellness Initiatives are the result of a collaborative effort. Colleagues from across campus representing a variety of offices, work collaboratively to bring wellness initiatives to the UD Community. Some of these offices include the following: Athletic Training, Recreation & Wellness, Multi-Cultural Student Engagement Services, Campus Ministry, Counseling & Life Services, International Studies, Residence Life, Vocation & Civic Engagement, and Student Activities. 

UD's Student Wellness Initiatives are designed to encourage students to develop and maintain a balanced approach to life. The initiatives are promoted through on-campus events, programs and services, as well as, on/off-campus referrals to enhance the following six dimensions of wellnesscultural, emotional, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual. 

The collective goal is to empower UD students and adequately provide them with resources necessary to succeed in achieving their personal goals in the areas of health and overall wellness.   For detailed information regarding on-campus events, programs, services, resources, as well as, on/off-campus referrals, please contact individual offices directly.  

Contact information for each office within the Dept. of Student Life:  

Office of Residential Life, 2nd Floor of Peters Commons, Residence Life, 563.589.3438
Office of Student Activities, top Floor of the Heritage Center, StudentOrganizations, 563.589.3583
Office of International Studies, top Floor of the Heritage Center, Student Services, 563.589.3712
Office of Vocation, Civic Engagement & Life Services, 2nd Floor of Peters Commons Counseling, 563.589.3132
Office of Multi-Cultural Student Engagement, top Floor of the Heritage Center, 563.589.3129
Office of Campus Ministry, 2nd Floor of Blades Hall, Campus Ministry at UD, 563.589.3582

Wellness Initiatives supported by Student Life Offices 

Residential Life supports student wellness initiatives by "promoting student development and facilitating dynamic learning communities central in quality residence units and family housing accommodations", while providing over 400 activities, events, and/or services throughout the academic year.

Multicultural Student Engagement support the student wellness initiatives by providing services to "under-represented groups to increase their chances of a successful academic experience and social experience. This is achieved through orientations, advising, mentoring, leadership development, and other activities. The office actively educates and promotes multicultural learning and development for the entire UD community through various activities, such as; workshops, speakers, and cultural outings."  

Vocation & Civic Engagement supports the student wellness initiatives by "providing expertise, resources, and support to assist those served to maximize their liberal arts and professional studies education, and develop the highest possible level of vocational competency", while offering 14 services and promoting over 40 activities/events (representing both on-campus & off-campus) throughout the academic year.

Life Services supports the student wellness initiatives with the commitment to "provide a safe and confidential environment for the UD Community, which supports life long learning and educational success, to better assist in reaching personal and career goals", while offering 11 services throughout the academic year, including Counseling Services and UD CARES. Counseling Services supports the student wellness initiatives by providing a commitment to a "student centered development approach in order to enhance and support students in their personal, educational, and vocational goals. The Counseling Services also works to enhancing the well-being of all those in the university community by providing educational opportunity, consultation to faculty and staff, student advocacy, outreach programming, and retention services. "

International studies support the student wellness initiatives by offering experiential opportunities for building intercultural competence through short and long term international study programs as well as promoting cultural adaptation for international students attending the University of Dubuque.

Student Activities support student wellness initiatives by providing safe and fun entertainment and activity options, including evening and weekend events, to encourage healthy lifestyles; building and encouraging leadership, teamwork, responsibility, and respect through a network of student directed clubs and organizations; and providing orientation and welcoming programming for all first-year and new transfer students.   

Campus Ministry supports student wellness initiatives by providing services such as; biblical topics relevant for campus life; prayer for personal needs, and a joyful, welcoming atmosphere. These services are provided through small group bible studies, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, conferences & retreats, and spiritual counseling.