Organization Registration

Don't see a student organization on campus that falls in your interests? Start it yourself!

Student Organizations register with the Office of Student Activities & the Student Government Association to ensure they are recognized by the University and can receive important resources and benefits that help ensure the success of their organizations. Every active student organization is required to re-register through allocations every Spring. This ensures officer and advisor information, organization constitutions, and other important information about the organization is regularly updated.

Student Organization Approval, Rights & Responsibilities

New Organization Approval Process: 

In order to become a new student organization on campus, please complete the following:

  • Petition for becoming a student organization – Petition
  • Proposed constitution and/or by-laws which will govern the operations of the organization - Example of Constitution
  • Information regarding any national, state, or local affiliation or affiliations with any group or persons not connected to the University of Dubuque, if applicable.

Deliver a copy of your application (either an electronic or hard copy) to the Director of Student Activities for review. OSA will review the application, including reading all submitted materials. If questions regarding the application, OSA staff will contact individuals.

Once the application is approved by OSA, it will then be forwarded to the Student Government Association (SGA), and you will be invited to the next available SGA meeting to appear before the body of SGA to present your application. Once the application is approved by SGA, it will then be passed to the Dean of Student Engagement for approval.

An additional step is required for new Greek organizations. After approval by the Director of Student Activities, the Student Government Association, and the Dean of Student Engagement, the organization will need to apply to the Greek Council for approval.

Privileges of Recognized Student Organizations

Official recognition by the University grants the following privileges to student organizations (subject to official procedures and regulations being followed):

  • Ability to reserve University facilities
  • Permission to advertise on campus and to the college community in a broad manner
  • Eligibility to request allocation of funds from the Student Government Association
  • Right to establish dues and sponsor fundraising projects
  • Eligibility for awards and honors given to University organizations
  • Inclusion in the student organizations list on the Student Activities webpage, new student involvement forms, and the yearbook
  • Participation in the annual Involvement Fair, with advanced registration
  • Use of student organization resources available in the Office of Student Activities
  • Use of a student organization mailbox, located in the Office of Student Activities, to facilitate communication with the University and to receive mail from external sources

Responsibilities of Recognized Student Organizations

Official recognition by the University requires student organizations to uphold these responsibilities:

  • Attend monthly Organization Meetings held by SGA. These meeting are the first regularly scheduled SGA meeting of each month.
  • Complete an annual registration form in the Spring of each year, or at the time of officer transition and maintain registration throughout the year by keeping officer information current with the Office of Student Activities. Failure to maintain registration will result in that organization receiving a "not registered” status and lose all privileges of a student organization; after one year of "not registered" status, the organization is considered "inactive."
  • Check the organizations mailbox in the Office of Student Activities on a weekly basis.
  • Participate in training opportunities endorsed or sponsored by the Office of Student Activities.
  • Abide by the organization's constitution and bylaws and submit any changes to the Office of Student Activities for approval.