OSA is happy to answer any questions at any time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is OSA located?
The Office of Student Activities is located in the Susan Magill Smith Suite on the 3rd floor of the Heritage Center (Suite 306).

What is the OSA Portal?
The OSA Portal was developed in 2015 as a tool for student leaders. It holds all relevant information to being a student leader on UD’s campus. Please take some time to check it out. Everything you need should be there. http://bit.ly/OSAPortal

Where are the student organization mailboxes located?
Student Organization mailboxes are in the Heritage Center, Susan Magill Smith Suite, (Suie 306).

How do I get reimbursed or pay an outside vendor?
Please see the Budget Paperwork Section for more detailed information on how to be reimbursed and how to reimburse outside vendors.

Does OSA have a credit card for student organizations?
No. A University credit card is not available for student organizations.

Can we get cash out of our account?
Not for day-to-day purchases. A travel advance is available to student organization advisors (must be staff or faculty member) to use outside of Dubuque, Iowa.

What’s a Purchase Order? How do I get one?
A purchase order is a promise to a vendor that we will pay the bill. Fill out a Purchase Requisition form. Bring that form, with a written quote from the vendor, to the Director of Student Activities for processing.  More information on how to complete a Purchase Order can be found in the Budget Paperwork Section.

I have a contract from someone for a performance, lecture, or other event; what do I do?
Immediately bring the contract to the Student Activities Office for review. OSA staff will provide additional information for you.

How do allocations work?
Allocations are awarded by the Student Government Association each Spring for the following academic year. They are deposited into student organization accounts around the 10th day of classes. For more information, please contact SGA at SGA@dbq.edu.

How do I get a spot on the SGA agenda to request funds?
You must follow SGA’s policies. Currently, an organization must fill out a link (http://bit.ly/sga_rqst) by 5:00 pm on Monday prior to the meeting on Wednesday. This deadline is subject to change.

How do I reserve a room on campus?
Visit the campus portal: www.dbq.edu/campusportal and login. Once you are logged in, select Event Room Reservation Request located on the left hand side of the page. Complete the form in its entirety. If you have questions, contact Taryn Kafer, Director of Scheduling and Event Services (TKafer@dbq.edu).

Our organization wants to travel to a conference– what do we need to know?
First, you must have an advisor travel with you. If that’s not possible, you need to meet with the Dean of Student Engagement for an exception.  Please see the “Traveling Tips” section on the OSA Portal for more information on how to prepare for costs of travel (https://sites.google.com/site/studentactivitiesdbq/budget-paperwork).

Our organization wants to have a movie night! What do we have to do?
To show a movie on campus, organizations must have the rights from the producer. To secure rights, please contact Director of Student Activities five weeks prior to your event to discuss cost and proper steps.

I need sound or media support for an event. Who should I call?
You should always include the sound or media support you need in the room reservation form. This ensures media services is aware.  For technology needs in Heritage, please contact Randy Schultz at RSchultz@dbq.edu.  For all other campus events, please contact Nathan Ripperger at NRipperger@dbq.edu.  

What do I need to do to hold an event in Butler or Babka theaters?
First, set up a meeting with Taryn Kafer, Director of Scheduling and Event Services. Taryn and the Student Activities Office will provide further details. Please plan 4-6 months out to use of either facility.

Can I check out the popcorn machine?
Yes! You will need to set up a time during regular business hours with the Office of Student Activities, located in the Susan Magill Smith Suite on the third floor of the Heritage Center. Please give at least 24 hours’ notice. When you check out the machine, you will be given a few bags of popcorn, and instructions. Please clean the machine well and return as described in directions.  If not cleaned properly, future usage of the machine will be prohibited.

When does the Spartan Scoop go out to campus?
Every Monday during regular class periods around noon. The Scoop is not sent during breaks.  If campus is closed on a Monday, the Scoop will go out around noon on Tuesday.

How do I get an advertisement in the Spartan Scoop?
Email your advertisement to OSA@dbq.edu by noon on Friday, and you’ll be in! Advertisements are typically only included in one edition.  Exceptions are made to events that require ticket sales, submissions, or registration (these events can be included for two weeks).  Please make sure your Spartan Scoop submission is in the proper format (jpeg) and includes the date, time, location, and a point of contact in case of questions.  You MUST have your room reservation completed before including an advertisement in the Spartan Scoop!

Where can I print posters for our events?
The print room, located in the mail center is your go to place for prints. Please contact the Print Room/Mail Room with specific questions. You can obtain your printing account number from the Office of Student Activities located on the third floor of the Heritage Center. You MUST return your yellow print receipt to the Office of Student Activities in order for your student organization account to be properly updated.

Where can I post posters?
There are many locations you can post posters or flyers, but first they must be approved and stamped for posting by Student Life. Please take all posters to Mary Kruser on 2nd Floor Peters Commons to be approved and stamped. Please see the posting policy for specific locations. Do not post with packing tape, staples, or duct tape.  If fliers are posted inappropriately, they will be removed and the student organization will loose posting rights for the rest of academic year. 

Our organization would like to use art supplies – does OSA have any?
Yes! OSA has a limited supply of art supplies. For more information regarding any other art supplies outside of tag board, please see the Director of Student Activities.