Student Leadership

Hall Council

Hall Councils exist within each residence hall to provide a representative body for students living in the halls to promote participation of students in the policy process, develop greater communication between students and administration, raise awareness of residence hall life, conduct programs for the residents of the hall, and have jurisdiction over issues that exclusively pertain to the residence hall community of the University of Dubuque. Each Hall Council is advised by the hall director of that hall.

RA Staff Selection

Through our Resident Assistant selection process, the department of Residence Life looks to find student candidates who demonstrate the qualities of leadership, teamwork, maturity, and understanding of the needs of their fellow students. Thus, this search includes three major components: the application with free-response questions, the individual interview with current staff members, and the small group problem-solving activities. Each of these components assists the Search Committee in evaluating the strengths and areas needing improvement for each candidate while building a much more complete picture of the student. The overall goal of the Selection Process is creating a strong team of staff members for the following year, but in so doing, the department also hopes to provide a fun and rewarding experience for any student that desires to hold one of the most important and challenging positions on a university campus.

Applications and further information for positions openings for the 2019-2020 school year are available. For more information on the RA position, contact the Office of Residence Life.

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