Letter to the Student-Athlete

To the Student-Athlete: 
Greetings from Dan Runkle, Director of Athletics,

University of Dubuque Athletic Department is pleased to welcome you as a student-athlete. We are hopeful the opportunity presented at UD will be a rewarding experience and that you will achieve academic, social, and athletic success. We have provided you with information regarding mandatory forms and requirements needed for you to begin physical activity with the team. As part of being cleared to participate in athletics there are certain required forms that MUST be completed. If these forms are not completed you will not be permitted to practice or compete.  Student-athletes and parents must acknowledge that there is an inherent risk of injury during intercollegiate athletic participation. UD provides a medical staff of certified athletic trainers and team physicians for prevention, management, and care for the student-athlete. 

We remind you that participation in athletics at the UD is a privilege and not a right.  Welcome to the athletic program, and I hope you will be very successful.

Additional information for the student who will be involved in an intercollegiate team:

Please return all forms by April 1, 2020 or prior to your registration date.

University of Dubuque Physical Examination Form

Secondary Athletic Insurance Policy
If a student-athlete is not covered under an adequate health insurance program, he/she must obtain that coverage prior to athletic clearance. UD is not financially responsible for any medical bills incurred by students involved in any UD athletic program. The NCAA requires a student-athlete to have a minimum coverage of $75,000 and to cover athletic-related injuries.