Medical Expenses for Student Athletes

If the student-athlete becomes injured:

  • They must be screened by a University of Dubuque Certified Athletic Trainer.  The student-athlete is respoinsible to report all injuries to the athletic training room for treatment or referrals on the day of occurence.  The Medical Coordinator will make all necessary medical referrals.  The student-athlete is not permitted to seek medical attention without prior authorization except in case of an emergency.
  • If you choose to get a second opinion without prior approval, you are financially responsible.

Expenses NOT Paid by the University (subject to change):

  • Primary student health insurance
  • Expenses to treat an injury that is not a result of participation in intercollegiate athletics
  • Medical or hospital expenses resulting from an injury incurred while going to or from class, or while participating in classroom requirements, unless similar services are provided to all students through the institutions overall insurance program
  • Dental work of any kind unless it is directly related to injury occuring during practice or competition
  • Routine eye care
  • The University of Dubuque Athletic Training Staff feels it is unwise to seek chiropractic care for athletic related injuries without proper referral.  If you choose to seek chiropractic care, you are responsible for all expenses
  • Athletes are not covered if injury occurs outside of season

*** If a situation is not explained herein, please contact Erin Barsema, Health Services Administrator ***

Medical Conditions

  • If you have a medical condition ( illness, skin condition) or went to ER after hours; report to the Medical Coordinator early in the morning so appropriate appointment or follow up care can be scheduled in a timely manner. Also, Medical Coordinator can then contact professors if unable to make classes.
     (Appointments will be made based on insurance and type of medical condition)
  • You are responsible for payment for all medical conditions and medications.
  • See University of Dubuque "Services Provided" for all students for options when pursuing medical treatment for illnesses.

Insurance (subject to change)

  • The University of Dubuque provides a secondary insurance policy for athletic injuries.  All charges are to be billed to a the primary insurance company; charges are then to be processed by the primary insurance company.  EOBs and bills are then submitted to the secondary insurance company.   A $500 deductible must also be met by the student.
  • All student-athletes must have proof of major medical insurance prior to medical and NCAA clearance before practice and competition.
  • All subsequent bills must be screened for legitimacy and liability and are governed by University Policy Guidelines and NCAA Rule.