There are many factors that go into your college search. While we understand that costs are a part of your consideration; it is important to us that all students are able to attend their first-choice college. Therefore, we are committed to assist you and your family to help make University of Dubuque possible. Please consider the following information.

Undergraduate Costs for the 2022-23 Academic YearCost
Full-time Tuition $36,800
Student Fees $1,726
Room (Double Occupancy) $5,564
Board (Standard meal plan) $5,460
Total Estimated Charges  $49,550 
Other FeesCost
Annual Parking Permit $95
Orientation Fee (one time fee)  $100 
Other Estimated ExpensesCost
Books $950
Flight costs for Airplane Training* $17,120
Flight costs for Helicopter Training*  $36,425 

*Flight costs vary and are based on actual flight time charges

Additional Tuition RatesCost
Part time enrollment (<12 credits) $1,100 per credit hour 
Overload enrollment (>17 credits)  $1,100 per credit hour 

We understand that paying for college can be overwhelming. Please communicate with your admission counselor and review the information on the Financial aid page to consider your options.

Housing and Meal Plan Costs

All students having less than 90 credits are required to live in University housing, space permitting. Students may be exempt from this requirement if, at the time of application, they are living within 50 miles of Dubuque and living with an immediate relative.

Housing Contracts

Location/Room TypeCost
Double Room $2,740 per semester
Park Village - Double* $3,610 per semester
Park Village - Single* $4,225 per semester
Chlapaty Hall - Double $3,210 per semester
Townhouse - Single*  $4,225 per semester 

*Not required to have Meal Plan

Meal Plan Options

Meal Plan TypeNumber of MealsCost
Full Meal Plan A  280 meals per semester (19 meals/week) $2,820 per semester
Standard Meal Plan B 200 meals per semester (14 meals/week) $2,730 per semester
Minimum Meal Plan C 150 meals per semester (10 meals/week) $2,365 per semester
Commuter Meal Plan D 75 meals per semester (5 meals/week)  $1,180 per semester 

If all meals are used prior to the end of the semester, additional blocks of 10 meals can be purchased in the Student Accounts office. For information, please contact Student Accounts at 563.589.3708.