ROTC Scholarships

National Scholarships

High school seniors are eligible to apply for a four-year or three-year Army ROTC scholarship. Graduating from desired college or university will guarantee a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Active Duty Army, National Guard, or Army Reserves.

Students that are interested in applying for a National Army ROTC Scholarship, high school seniors have from June 12 until January 10 to start the application. Also, you have to complete the scholarship application by February 4.

See if you are eligible for a ROTC Scholarship at:

VIDEO: ROTC Scholarship Process

Army National Guard / Army Reserve Option

For National Guardsmen and Reservists, the Minuteman Scholarship is similar to the Army ROTC National Scholarship for civilian students. The benefits of the Minuteman Scholarship are the same as well and it offers additional $350 for cadets who participate in the Simultaneous Membership Program. Cadets enrolled in the Simultaneous Membership Program will attend monthly drill with National Guard or Reserve units. After graduation, cadets will commission into the National Guard or Army Reserve.

What Does the Army ROTC Scholarship pay for?


  1. 100% Tuition payed by United States Army Cadet Command (USACC)
  2. University of Dubuque pays for Room & Board for scholarship cadets
  3. $1,200 yearly book stipend ($600 per semester)
  4. Monthly stipend of $420

NOTE: National Guard and Reserve cadets will receive additional benefits for attending monthly drill and other unit events. To answer further questions, ask your unit commander or watch these Army Recruiting Videos (ROTC in the National Guard|| Simultaneous Membership Program).