ROTC Events / Activities

German Armed Forces Badge for Military Proficiency (GAFBMP)

One of the foreign awards that is authorized to be worn on US military service member’s uniforms, the German Armed Forces Badge can be seen worn by German and US military members. In order to be awarded either the Gold, Silver, or Bronze GAFB badge, cadets/soldiers must:

  1. Basic Fitness Test
    a. 11x10-meter sprint test
    b. Flexed Arm Hang
    c. 1000-meter run/spring
  2. Marksmanship Course
  3. Foot March (with 35lb. rucksack)
    a. 6 km (Bronze)
    b. 9 km (Silver)
    c. 12 km (Gold)
  4. 100-meter swim (with uniform)


Ranger Challenge 

Members of the University of Dubuque Army ROTC unit will form teams, early in the semester, based on physical abilities and endurance. The teams created will compete with other Army ROTC Ranger Challenge teams from other schools across the country on a non-tactical course. Over the two days, the teams will be build mental toughness and fortitude while maintaining teamwork and leadership among the members of the team. During the two days, the team will compete in the following events:

  1. Written Land Navigation Test
  2. Day Orienteering
  3. Basic Rifle Marksmanship
  4. Grenade Assault Course
  5. M-4/M-16 Disassembly/Assembly
  6. Mystery Event
  7. Night Orienteering
  8. Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT)

Ranger Buddy 

Similar to Ranger Challenge, the University of Dubuque ROTC unit will create two-man teams and compete with other teams from across the country. Teams will be placed under different and difficult events that will test physical fitness and endurance.

Field Training Exercises (FTX)

Cadets from the University of Dubuque ROTC Program will partner with their sister battalion at the University of Northern Iowa. For a weekend each semester, cadets will learn and reinforce team, squad and platoon level tactics. FTX is primarily targeted to help MSIII cadets that will be attending Advanced Camp (CST) at Fort Knox, Kentucky over the summer. However, cadets at all MS levels will be able to learn basic Army tactics and apply them in different scenarios. Topics covered at FTX are:

  1. Land Navigation (day & night)
  2. Conduct missions
    a. Ambush
    b. Raid
    c. Movement to Contact
    d. Reconnaissance
  3. Weapon assembly and maintenance



Cadets have multiple opportunities to volunteer throughout campus and in the Dubuque community. From the annually Warrior Dash at the George Washington Middle School, assisting the swim coaches at the local YMCA, helping freshmen on Move-In day, cadets will engage with various groups of people and it will enable them to create meaningful connections as future Army Officers and leaders.


Color Guard

The Color Guard Team serves as a component of drill and ceremonies for the Army and the University of Dubuque ROTC Program. The Color Guard Team can be seen presenting the colors at football games, shows at the Heritage Center, Commissioning, and other events around campus.

Color Guard


Lab is conducted every Thursday to aid the cadets in applying Army tactics in different scenarios. Similar to the Field Training Exercise (FTX), Lab is compressed within a three hour time period to get experience and practice for cadets as they prepare for Advanced Camp. Lab each week will cover different topics such as:

  1. Land Navigation
  2. Weapon Assembly/Disassembly
  3. Squad/Platoon Attack
  4. Defense
  5. Squad/Platoon Raid
  6. Squad/Platoon Ambush