Master of Business Administration (MBA for CFM/Asian Cohort Students)

This program is only intended for students from Asia (CFM program) seeking an MBA from a renowned American college.

The MBA's Program Mission

The University of Dubuque’s MBA program provides students business knowledge and skills informed by a commitment to excellent moral character.

Graduates are equipped to:
  • Lead and manage with in-depth knowledge in key areas of finance, human resources, operations and strategy.
  • Exercise character and ethics in decision making.
  • Communicate effectively across the global business landscape.
  • Think and act both tactically and strategically in complex business situations.

Using frameworks such as the Balanced Scorecard and the Triple Bottom Line, an MBA graduate from the University of Dubuque is educated in the business skills and knowledge essential for work in a global market and challenged to develop the moral character needed to manage and lead with integrity, justice, and compassion. 

A Midwestern school with a global reach

The University of Dubuque is in America's Midwest in Dubuque, Iowa. Located less than 200 miles from Chicago, the University is situated among the dramatic bluffs that line the majestic Mississippi River. Dubuque is a historic river town that played a proud role in the exploration and growth of the American heartland. Today the city has developed a diverse economy with pursuits as varied as: publishing, furniture making, education, construction equipment manufacturing, teleservices, and computer software development. 

Upon enrollment at the University of Dubuque, one becomes part of a university community with a proud heritage of serving students from around the world. Founded in 1852, the University offers a wide variety of curricula in professional programs focused in the liberal arts tradition to learners from the United States and approximately 30 countries who come to the University for undergraduate and graduate study. The University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is an affiliate member of the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

In the world of business, the world is the scope

Today, business transactions cross local, regional, and international boundaries in fractions of a second. The flow of goods, services, and money is global. This economy has no borders and you have to acquire the business, technical, and social skills necessary to function productively in this changing world. If you desire this integrated knowledge and wish to think on a global scale, then the University of Dubuque Master of Business Administration program is for you.

An MBA program built to satisfy real world business needs

The current MBA program (Asian cohort) is based off common 21st century themes that organizations have identified that are most needed. These themes include preparing graduates who:

  • have a global perspective;
  • have excellent communication skills;
  • understand that areas of knowledge are interrelated in the real world;
  • understand how to use technology in practical effective ways; and
  • can adapt to change throughout their careers.

Courses are facilitated by faculty members who possess real-world business experience as well as advanced degrees in their fields.

The business knowledge, coupled with the communication, leadership, problem solving, and decision-making skills that you will acquire, will help you become a productive team member in:

  • any company, large or small;
  • any career, be it local or international focused;
  • any business segment, whether it be in manufacturing or service, government or private enterprise, profit or nonprofit organizations, or entrepreneurial ventures.

Experience the business world while earning your  MBA

Because business drives our world economy, you should experience the business world directly to better prepare yourself for your career. At the University of Dubuque you will have opportunities to observe businesses ranging vastly in size and complexity. You will participate in team projects that reflect actual life business situations. All MBA business courses require a combination of team and individual assignments that will be evaluated according to professional business standards.

Develop both professional skills and knowledge through the MBA

Business concepts with a strong emphasis on practical application are integrated into the subject matter of all MBA courses. Major focus is given to the following:

  • Communication and ethics;
  • Critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving skill development that prepares students for real-world productivity;
  • Contextual professional skill development;
  • Conceptual and topic elaboration that connect each of the program learning objectives into an understandable whole; and 
  • Learning objectives, outcomes, and assessment methods that emulate world-class business practice.

These overarching concepts provide a basis for development of professional business knowledge that directly transfers to the world of business in the global economy. Practical application is the cornerstone of the program.

The MBA program

Our mission is to provide professional education to our Asian student graduates seeking an MBA degree. Facilitated by faculty who have a combination of business experience and advanced degrees, our goal is to prepare our students to become "ready-to-go" professionals and lifelong learners in all business disciplines. 

The program is a globally-focused 36 credit hour program that represents a cutting-edge orientation in business education. It's about communicating across cultures, working individually and in teams, and understanding and integrating all aspects of business management from strategy formulation through strategy execution. A capstone project, representing an application of the material mastered, culminates the program. 

Theory is used as a means to frame professional application rather than as an end in itself. The program consists of the following twelve courses:

  • BUS 602: Managerial Finance
  • BUS 616: Organizational Behavior and Leadership
  • BUS 617: Strategic Human Capital Management
  • BUS 622: Global Communication
  • BUS 624: Marketing Management
  • BUS 650: Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • BUS 648: Problem Solving and Crisis Management
  • BUS 651: Financial Management
  • BUS 655: Business Simulation
  • BUS 681: Technology and Operations Management
  • BUS 690: Business Strategy and Innovation
  • BUS 693: Capstone Business Project

Courses are integrated around themes of communication and knowledge management, finance, human capital, organizational management, business strategy, and modeling. Theory is used as a means to frame professional application rather than as an end in itself. 

The case study method is central to all learning. You will acquire knowledge from a wide range of disciplines as you discover how to work with people, technology, and resources in innovative ways. 

Classes are offered in the day time for our international students, in convenient patterns that make it possible for even the part-time student to complete the degree in as little as two and one half years.

MBA program admission (for Asian cohort)

The successful University of Dubuque MBA applicant has these credentials:

  • Bachelor's degree. A bachelor's degree in any discipline is required to enter the MBA program. Students from outside the U.S. may substitute a bachelor's equivalent (these vary from country to country).
  • Language proficiency. Students who have not studied or worked in institutions where English is spoken should take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). A minimum score of 550 on the paper-based test (or minimum of 80 on the internet based test) is needed to handle the language level used in the program.
For additional information, contact the following: 

University of Dubuque 
Graduate Program Office 
2000 University Avenue 
Dubuque, IA 52001 
Phone: 563.589.3246