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Master in Management - Communication Management is a 30 credit hour program offered in an 8-week-per-course format

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The Master in Management - Communication Management (MMCM) degree is a 30 credit hour program which prepares professionals to design, plan, manage and monitor communication channels in organizations. The program offers the latest theoretical and practical applications in the field of managerial communication. Students will develop proficiencies in solving problems, creating two-way communication channels between employees and management, identifying and removing communication barriers, and facilitating communication between and within departments. Through real-life case studies, internships and in-class simulations, participants in the program will have a mastery of skills, tools and applications which provides an optimal communication environment for the organization. Ethics and social responsibility are core components in the MMC graduate degree and are embedded in all the courses in the program. Designed based on most recent market research and latest trends in communication and management, the MMCM is designed to provide vertical focus on course materials allowing students to graduate with 30 credit/hours of instructions which address rigorous theoretical foundations as well as applied practice through internships, campaigns and specialized industry projects.

The MMCM program is offered in an eight week format, meeting the growing demands of our professional students’ schedules. Students meet once or twice weekly. Courses are available mostly in evening times, but can also be offered during the day. 

MMCM Program Highlights

  • The program is built based on intensive industry research.
  • Focuses on in-depth day-to-day managerial operation within a communication context.
  • Provides hands-on experience enriched by most recent theories in the field.
  • Applied internship requirement.
  • Students can complete their degree within one year.
  • The program allows credit for life learning experience.

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