Careers - MMAL

The Master in Management Aviation Leadership (MMAL) degree prepares students to advance their careers within the field of aviation and aerospace.  Students will enhance their leadership and management skills affording opportunities to take on more responsibilities within their organization. The aviation and aerospace industry is filled with limitless personal and professional reward; where the sky is not the limit for the type of careers students can advance. Some examples of career opportunities include teaching and training within the industry, leadership or management roles within airlines, airports, air traffic control, fixed base operations, the military etc. 

If you are a currently professional in any one of these areas you may find the MMAL a great fit for your next degree:

  • Commercial Pilot/Captain
  • Military Pilots/ Instructor
  • Corporate Pilot
  • Engineers/Managers with Aircraft Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Aviation Consultants
  • Transportation Systems Specialist
  • Aircraft Mechanic Supervisor
  • Marshall / Lawyer
  • Field Service Engineer
  • Airport Security & Safety Manager
  • Airport Manager
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Aviation Meteorologist
  • President/Owner Private Aviation Business


For more information on careers for Master prepared students, visit the government website at:

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