Master in Management - Aviation Leadership

The Master in Management - Aviation Leadership is a 30 credit hour program offered in an ONLINE 8-week-per-course format.

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The Master in Management - Aviation Leadership (MMAL) degree is a 30 credit hour program which prepares graduates for a career in any aspect of leadership and managerial roles in the aviation industry. Students have the opportunity to explore and learn ethical and effective leadership and management processes or behaviors that are applicable to any aviation related operations including domestic and international airlines, airports, corporate aviation, and fixed-base operators (FBO). All program courses are offered in an 8-week ONLINE format to provide optimal flexibility for a student to take courses. There are two times when Graduate students are invited to come to campus for structured activities: one is at the beginning of the program for an on-campus mandatory orientation. The second time is optional for students wishing to participate in Commencement activities. At any time, we welcome our MMAL students to drop in to visit campus, access campus resources, and meet with one's academic advisor. But, these resources are available to distance students as well. 

In order to qualify for the MMAL program, the student must have earned a bachelor’s degree in aviation or related field from an accredited institution. Candidates are required to have a 3.00 or higher undergraduate cumulative GPA. An ideal candidate must be working within the aviation or aerospace industry at the time of acceptance into the program. 

The MMAL program’s mission is to help graduates develop an applied understanding of the management practices and leadership skills within the aviation industry. In addition to gaining practical competence within aviation through real-world experience, graduates will be prepared to think strategically, integrate and construct new knowledge, develop intrapersonal and interpersonal competencies and apply excellent moral character to the practices of an aviation organization.

The MMAL includes a set of Foundation electives, and required Core and Aviation Courses. The Foundation electives result in a minimum of 15 credit hours. Additionally, students must also complete a minimum of 15 credit hours of Aviation courses and the Field Experience Capstone Seminar. This results in a minimum of 30 credit hours.

The MMAL program courses are offered 100% in an 8 week ONLINE format to meet the growing demands of our professional students’ schedules.  Students needing support on how to use the online learning management system (Moodle) can call or email Beth Parkin at (563) 589-3205,, and/or work at your own pace through an online tutorial at Moodle training is also included during new student orientation.

MMAL Program Highlights

  • The program is built based on intensive industry research.
  • The program focuses on excellence in leading and managing operations within an aviation context.
  • The program requires completion of applied internship (or work experience).
  • The program can be completed in one year.

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