DE Format, Quality Standards & Assessment


On-line education in the University of Dubuque's Graduate Studies is delivered in an 8-week format. When enrollment allows, classes are taught in an asynchronous on-line format. In cases of low enrollment, on-line students can join the synchronous on-campus course through Internet technologies, such as Skype, Blue-Jeans, or Zoom. The Learning Management System (LMS) used for hosting on-line courses is Moodle. Students enrolled in on-line courses must have Internet access and a browser that meets the technical requirements of the LMS.

Quality Standards

Courses taught at the University of Dubuque follow best practices for on-line delivery. Guidelines provided by Quality Matters are applied to the design and pedagogical methodologies of our adult on-line learning environments. Faculty teaching in on-line courses have undergone training in on-line delivery. They are also seasoned classroom instructors in the same subject matter. So, a student enrolled in an on-line course can be assured that the same rigor and standards of performance one might encounter in face-to-face classes are applied to their on-line classes.

All courses, whether on-campus or on-line are evaluated by students at the end of the term. Instructional reviewers are assigned to on-line courses on a periodic basis to assess that the course is meeting Quality Matters standards. End-of-Course Evaluations and Instructional Reviewer feedback provide valuable information for the course instructor to continuously work on improving on course quality and delivery.


The student enrolled in on-line courses at the University of Dubuque must be the same person taking the course. Each student receives a unique login name and creates their own password. Password changes are required every 180 days. Students are asked to not share their username or password. Please refer to the policy on Academic Integrity to learn about the consequences of identity fraud.

Proctored Exams

On-line exams are proctored by a third-party vendor to authenticate that the student taking the exam is the student enrolled in the course. Proctored exams are video-recorded and require the student to present their University issued Identification card.