Leadership and Management Certificate Programs

University of Dubuque offers Leadership and Management Certificate Programs comprised of concentration-specific courses. The courses are a subset of one of our degree programs. After completing a certificate program, you may elect to continue on to complete a full degree. The option is yours! We offer certificate programs in the following areas:

Aviation Leadership: Prepare to be an aviation leader for professional excellence

  • AVI 600: Contemporary Issues in Aviation (3 cr)
  • AVI 620: Aviation Safety & Risk Management (3 cr)
  • AVI 640: Leadership & Management in Aviation (3 cr)
  • AVI 645: Crisis Management & Operational Continuity (3 cr)

Organizational Diversity & Inclusion Leadership: Identify, recognize, and remove barriers that empeded productivity for the 21st century workforce

  • DIL 601: Foundations of Diversity and Inclusion (3 cr)
  • DIL 610: Cultural and Social Group Identities (3 cr)
  • DIL 615: Managing the Diversity and Inclusion Change Initiative (3 cr)
  • DIL 620: Diversity and Inclusion Measurement and Accountability (3 cr)

Communication Management: Become an effective communicator and a versed manager

  • COM 605: Managerial Communication (3 cr)
  • COM 620: Intercultural Communication (3 cr)
  • COM 635: Integrated Marketing Communication (3 cr)
  • COM 640: Public Relations (3 cr)

Sport Management: Become equipped as tomorrow's sport business leader to succeed in an ever-changing sport landscape

  • HWS 610: Contemporary Issues in Sport Marketing (3 cr)
  • HWS 615: Contemporary Issues in Sport Law and Risk Management (3 cr)
  • HWS 620: Contemporary Issues in Sport Sociology and Ethics (3 cr)
  • HWS 625: Contemporary Issues in Sport Administration (3 cr)

Certified Financial Planner: Become a certified financial planner in an ever-changing wealth management industry

  • KFP 511: General Financial Planning Principles, Professional Conduct, and Regulation (2 credits)
  • KFP 512: Risk Management, Insurance, and Employee Benefits Planning (2 credits)
  • KFP 513: Investment Planning (2 credits)
  • KFP 514: Income Tax Planning (2 credits)
  • KFP 515: Retirement Savings and Income Planning (2 credits)
  • KFP 516: Estate Planning (2 credits)
  • KFP 517: Financial Plan Development (2 credits)

Admission Criteria
To be considered for admission to a certificate program, a student should have one of the following:

  • Four year bachelor’s degree (Preferred) 
  • Related work experience and has earned 60 or more undergraduate credits (applicant will be evaluated on case by case basis)
  • Applicants seeking a certificate in a field of study where they do not have academic credit or work experience will require an interview with the Program Director in order to demonstrate other factors that support enrollment into the certificate program (applicant will be interviewed and evaluated on case by case basis. Admission is dependent on the discretion of the Program Director and approval of the Dean).
  • Traditional undergraduate student applying for a Certificate Program must have completed 60 or more credits at the time of application, must obtain permission from the Program Director, and must have demonstrated extreme maturity and exceptional course work in their undergraduate courses.

Certification Completion Requirements

  • Complete the minimum number of hours required for the certificate program (12 credits)
  • Attain a GPA of at least 3.0 on all courses taken for the Certificate Program
  • Complete all requirements within one year period

For more information on the Certificate Programs, contact GradStudies@dbq.edu 

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