English - Reading Series

About the Reading Series:

We believe that the literary arts offer an opportunity for exchange between the internal landscapes of the author and the reader. Often, this exchange is a solitary act between those two entities, separated by time, space, and circumstance. What readings offer, then, is another wonderful dimension in which we are able to engage with the writer as s/he literally gives voice to her/his landscape -- the solitary experience becomes a shared, communal one. The writer becomes real to us, and we, to her/him. This exchange, so often potent and opening, is what we are excited to offer our students and the Dubuque community by hosting this reading series.

Each semester, emerging and established contemporary writers come to campus to share their work and discuss their professional and creative processes. We invite you to join us!

For more information about future events, or to schedule a reading, please contact Jeannine Pitas at jpitas@dbq.edu.

FALL 2016

Lit Live! Faculty Reading: Dale Easley, Rob Gomoll, Becky Canovan, Alice Oleson, and Matt Muilenburg 

October 18, 2016, Knapp Stage in Heritage Center.