Minor: Spanish


The Spanish Program is committed to providing excellent instruction and learning opportunities that challenge students to develop to the maximum their language proficiency in Spanish as well as to know and understand the literature and cultures of the Spanish-speaking peoples of the world. We encourage our students to think critically, to question their cultural assumptions about the Hispanic world, and to immerse themselves, as much as possible, in a Spanish-speaking community.

The University of Dubuque’s mission calls for UD to be a community where diversity is appreciated. The Spanish Program supports the mission of the University by providing students the opportunity to learn about and be engaged in a culture significantly different than their own.

Program Goals

  1. Language Proficiency - Help students develop Spanish language competency in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing
  2. Cultural Competence - Help students develop cultural competency with regard to Spanish-speaking communities throughout the world
  3. Intellectual Integration - Help students develop an occupational competency in Spanish within their major field of study (e.g., business, nursing, law, teacher education)