Student Teaching

University of Dubuque Approval to Student Teach Requirements

Student teaching, the culminating experience for the Education student, should take place the term before graduation. During the spring term of the academic year prior to the year when a student expects to student teach, an Application to Obtain Approval for Student Teaching must be completed and submitted to the Teacher Education Office no later than March 1.  Approval is necessary before student teaching. Final approval for student teaching is dependent on the Teacher Education faculty's review of the following:

  1. Admission to, and retention in, the Teacher Education Program
  2. Completion of the QCEE Certificate Program
  3. Application to Obtain Approval for Student Teaching (Due March 1st academic year prior to student teaching)
  4. Academic transcripts to verify successful completion of all general education requirements, all professional education requirements, and content core requirements with a grade of C or higher.  No incomplete or WIP grades may appear on the transcript except the current term, which must be completed in the current term.
  5. Minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75 or higher
  6. Have an excellent disposition to teach. This includes an average of 2.0 or higher on the UD Disposition Evaluation Assessment (as recommended by the State of Iowa) as well as written evaluations from education and Core course instructors.  Students who display behaviors, including academic dishonesty, that are in opposition to the University of Dubuque Mission statement or values associated with the UD Wendt Character Initiative may not be accepted into the program
  7. All required school-based experiences have been successfully documented
  8. Submission of a program portfolio that demonstrates a rating of “Met” in each of the program goals

Transfer students must consult with the Department Chairs of Teacher Education for their specific requirements, complete one term at the University of Dubuque and meet the above criteria.