Education - Qualified, Caring, and Effective Educator (QCEE) Certificate

Beginning with those preservice educators admitted to the teacher education department following spring 2019.

Qualified, Caring, and Effective Educator (QCEE) Certificate Program. 

The mission of the University of Dubuque Teacher Education Department is to prepare qualified, caring, and effective teachers using a conceptual framework rooted in the InTASC standards.  In line with this and prior to admission to student teaching, all students must demonstrate their commitment to the teaching profession through the completion, reflection, and documentation of the following tasks:

  1. Purposeful attendance at least five professional development workshops (one in each of the following five areas):
    1. Learner/Learning,
    2. Content,
    3. Instructional Practice,
    4. Professional Responsibility, and
    5. Cultural Competence/Diversity.
  2. Completion of Systematic Supervision Training (typically done in EDU 100)
  3. Twenty volunteer service hours to the University of Dubuque and/or the greater community. These hours must be unique and not fulfilling expectations for another course or activity
  4. Completion of the Level One Google Educator Certificate and Level One Exam ($10)  ( )
  5. Completion of a Teacher Ethics Module (

As you finish each of these requirements, you will submit verification using the form found at (only one activity can be submitted at a time).  As a note, professional development attendance will be cross-checked with attendance lists from those events.