About Computer Studies

The mission of the Computer Studies (CS) program at the University of Dubuque (UD) is to prepare students with the technical and related competencies necessary to serve in various capacities in the evolving and growing technology industry.

These programs are responsive to recommendations from employers and alumni, and thus provide students with an up-to-date and well-rounded curriculum.

A student’s education is further enhanced by hands-on learning, opportunities to attend professional and student-based conferences, and participation in job shadows and a computer club.

The rise in computer viruses, identity theft, and unethical hacking has made us painfully aware of the need for protecting ourselves and our systems. These unfortunate misuses of technology give us reason to prioritize the development of character within our students and to teach them to be responsible and accountable.

The UD Advantage

  • Job shadows
  • Small classes
  • Faculty advisors
  • Internship opportunities
  • Hands-on learning in a computer lab
  • Experiential classes working with industry
  • Classes taught by industry professionals
  • Programming competitions
  • Computer club


There is an aggressive internship program in partnership with the business community. Most of the students participate in at least one internship to gain “real-world" work experience. Some students participate in more than one. IBM, a world-class organization, has an office right in Dubuque and is an example of a company that hires many UD interns and graduates.

Job Placement

UD Computer Studies students have experienced 100% job placement since UD began tracking this information, so for the last three years.