TRIO-Student Support Services

TRIO is composed of several federally funded grant programs that provide services and opportunities to students from underserved backgrounds. The University of Dubuque has been supporting students through the Student Support Services (SSS) program since 2010. 

Our goal is to help students find their own personal success during their time at the University of Dubuque. We meet students where they are and provide them with the tools and support to overcome obstacles, seek opportunity and become well rounded individuals.

Mission & Vision | Benefits & Opportunities | Eligibility & Application

UD TRIO-Student Support Services Mission

The University of Dubuque’s TRIO-SSS program seeks to foster the academic, personal, financial and career success of participants by empowering them to take ownership of their future through holistic advising and intentional programming. The program also offers opportunities for participants to enrich their college experience with additional educational, cultural and career-readiness activities. 

UD TRIO - SSS Vision

All UD TRIO – SSS participants will achieve their educational goals, leading to a fulfilling career and meaningful life.

Benefits & Opportunities

TRIO-SSS supports students in pursuit of their success by getting to know them on a personal level and advising them throughout their time at the University. Students who are actively engaged in the TRIO program are able to establish clear semester and long term goals, meet and exceed course and GPA expectations, earn additional scholarship funds and build a strong community of support.

Overview of Support
  • Academic advising to help students better understand degree requirements and major and career options
  • Individual support and mentoring by TRIO staff throughout students' career at UD
  • Educational workshops to develop necessary strategies for academic success. Topics include: time management, study skills, financial aid, graduate school prep, budgeting, writing skills, test taking strategies, and more
  • Peer and professional tutoring
  • Opportunity to partake in new experiences through attending activities or events, such as Leadership Conferences, Graduate school visits, performing arts shows, museum tours, and more

Scholarships offered each academic year for participants that are engaged in program offerings

Eligibility Criteria

TRIO - SSS is a program provided to undergraduate students who are enrolled at the University of Dubuque, are a US citizen or permanent resident and meet at least one of the following criteria:

  •  Low income as determined by federal guidelines
  •  First generation college student (neither parent/guardian has received a Bachelor’s Degree)
  •  Living with a disability

How to Apply

To be considered for the TRIO - SSS program at the University of Dubuque, you will need to complete the Online Application. A program staff will review your application and then follow up with you for an intake meeting.