Academic Coaching

Keeping students in good academic standing is a high priority at the University of Dubuque. Remembering 2-2-12 is essential to avoid academic and/or financial aid probation or suspension, as well as sports ineligibility.

Remember 2-2-12!
2.0 or higher Term GPA
2.0 or higher Cumulative GPA
12 credits (minimum) completed each semester

The Academic Success Coach works with students who may need a little extra support and helps determine what barriers may be affecting low academic performance. Students meeting with the Academic Success Coach are shown different approaches to help improve their study skills, time management and goal setting, just to name a few. The Academic Success Coach also refers students to many additional resources at the University such as subject-specific tutoring, accommodations and counselling.

For more information regarding Academic Coaching Services, please contact Jane Boge at 563.589.3724 or